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The Only Guidebook You Will Ever Need to Date Armenian Women

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Armenian women are the perfect blend of Caucasian and Asian beauty. They have the aura and physical features to compete with the hottest women in the world. Yet, they aren’t the classic case of beauty without brains. These ladies’ personalities stand out from most, putting them on most men’s radars. The next section will shed more light on these traits.

What Are Armenian Women Like?

You may have heard about women from Armenia, but you may only know what they look like if you are active in the Armenian social media space. Thankfully, this article will give you an accurate description for your mind’s eye to recreate. Below are their physical and behavioral attributes. 


Facial features 

Armenian women have angel-like beauty; their most recognizable feature is their eyes. Their brown, black, or blue eyes sit slightly above a moderately upturned nose. This appearance is reminiscent of Armenia’s most famous beauty representative, Kim Kardashian.

They also have long natural eyelashes, which makes them more attractive. The typical hair colors among these women are black and black, and you will often find them sporting different styles, especially if it doesn’t involve cutting their hair low.

Body shape

Another reason why Women in Armenian are sought-after by men is their magnificent shape. These women are mainly average height with perfect body curves. However, you may find some tall and short ones among them. Since they take good care of their bodies, they have flat tummies, wide hips, and thin waists.


Naturally, Armenians are light-skinned, but it is possible to find some dark ones. Since they take good care of their skin, some may assume that their beautiful skin is due to their creams and lotions; however, this is false. The smooth skin of Armenian girls is natural and matches their long dark hair to give them a stunning look.


They like to work

To an average Armenian girl, work is exciting and fun; hence they work for more than financial gain. These girls are prepared to learn anything that can increase their chances of gaining employment or being helpful to their employees, families, and society. They have excellent work ethics and a desire to get things done.

However, this surreal work ethic doesn’t interfere with their relationships. No matter their hectic schedule, they always make time for their friends and families.

They are learned 

The law in Armenian ensures that there is equality between men and women in terms of education. Armenian women are educated from elementary to the highest levels of education. It is worth noting that these women have a higher college enrollment rate than the female population of many other countries. Aside from the government’s policy that encourages education, girls in Armenia go to school to bring pride to their families.

Looking good is a priority for Armenian women 

Women of Armenian put a lot of effort into how they look. These women deeply understand how to look good, make the best hairstyles, apply makeup, and dress to kill. The dress style of Armenian women is different from what you will see in America and Europe. 

The national apparel of Armenian beauties is known as Taraz, made of wool and fur. From the Taraz of a woman, you can tell her societal position, whether she is rich, poor, married, or unmarried.

Their sense of humor is top notch

Aside from their beauty, the sense of humor of Armenian girls will blow you away. These ladies are a perfect blend of intelligence, sexiness, and spirit. It doesn’t matter how bad things seem; they can always make you laugh. They’re easygoing and open, so you can always expect a good conversation. When dating an Armenian girl, don’t believe every story she tells you because she will make some up to keep you entertained.

Armenian Women Stereotypes 

Most people’s perspective about Armenian beauty is from social media, movies, and magazines. Some judge these women based on the character of a person from their country. However, many beliefs about Armenian girls are false. Below are some of them. 

Sexual promiscuity

Armenia may be developed, but they hold tight to their beliefs; how they dress, speak and act is unique. To most people, girls from Armenia are loose or the types that display their body parts or engage in sexual practices with any man. However, when you meet Armenian Women, you will know these beliefs are false. 

People from other countries believe that these girls have Kim Kardashian as their role model since she is from Armenia. However, many of them don’t attribute her fame to her Armenian heritage because her style is not in tandem with their beliefs and traditions. 


We’re still unsure where the belief that Armenian women are docile and passive came from. These women are not voiceless and would speak up if uncomfortable. Though they are gentle, they fight for their rights. Contrary to the belief of most people, they are also friendly and easygoing.

Statistics You Should Know About Armenian Women 

Below are some interesting statistics about Armenian girls that would help you know more about them.

More women than men

There are more women in Armenia than men. According to available research, the country’s population is about 2.9 million, with 1.57 million women and 1.4 million men. That is 52.97% female and 47.03% male representation. Another way to look at it is that for every 100 women, there are 88.8 men.

The abortion rate in Armenia

According to Reuters, about 40% of women from Armenia have had abortions in the past. For a relatively religious country rooted in tradition, this figure is high. Most of these abortions are gender-based; women engage in selective abortion due to their not wanting female children. Even though the government has abolished the practice, women still engage in it.

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Do Armenian Women Make Good Wives? 

Men dating Armenian women usually marry them because they possess all the qualities of an ideal wife. These qualities include the following:

They are committed to their families 

The commitment of Armenian ladies to their families and partners is desirable. The reason why these women are committed to their partners is their parents. Armenian parents raise their children to love and be loyal. Hence, these children grow up to be perfect partners.

The relatively low divorce rate in Armenia indicates that Armenian wives value their families and marriage and will do anything to protect them for the sake of their children. For Armenian wives, the key to a good society is well-trained children. Therefore, they know caregiving is essential to making their kids respectable.

They make great meals

Armenian wives shower their spouses and home with positivity, happiness, and warmth. But the one place these ladies keep their families united is in the dining. They learn to make sumptuous meals from their mothers and master how to make international delicacies online. This skill that the average Armenian wife possesses is better experienced than described.

They are smart

No one would want a woman who is not intelligent to be the mother of his children. The smartness of these ladies allows them to read moods and situations effectively. Hence, they make things easy for partners by helping them solve complex problems. Furthermore, their decision-making skills are top-notch since they weigh options and think critically before reaching decisions. 

No matter how busy they are, they make time for their families. So, If you are dating an Armenian woman with these qualities, it is right to marry. 

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Where to meet Armenian Women in Armenia? 

You can meet Armenian girls in any city in the country. However, it is unreasonable to scour the entire 29,743 km² of the country looking for a date. Check out the following places to ease your search for your dream girl.


This city is an ancient city that dates to over 2800 years. You have a lot to enjoy in this city — the culture, drinks, and food are exquisite. While feeding your eyes with the city’s beauty, you will meet Armenian women to date foreigners in the following places.


When you are in Yerevan, remember to visit the restaurants to taste their exquisite meals like Lavash, Dabgadz Banir Boerag, Dolma, etc. Some of the restaurants you should try are Dolmama – Armenia’s Restaurant, Tavern Yerevan, and Sherep Restaurant. You will meet Armenian women in these restaurants, trying out new delicacies. When you do, be a gentleman and foot the bill for whatever you eat with them.

Night clubs

Yerevan has the best nightlife in Armenia. This city is dominated by youths, hence very lively. Some of the best night spots are Friends Bar, Paparazzi Club, and STOYKA. You will meet Armenian women in any of these nightclubs, ready to mingle.


This city is filled with beautiful girls ready to date a foreign man so long as he meets their standards. You can meet Armenian women in many malls and cafes in Gyumri.


While you stop by the mall to get beverages or other accessories, you can meet Armenian women. Some of the best malls for these ‘accidental’ meetings are Hagusti Ashxarh, Shirak Mall, and Basen. If you are a smooth talker, you’ll always find an Armenian girl who’ll fancy you whenever you go to these shopping complexes.


You can meet an Armenian girl in any of the Cafes in Gyumri. Some of these Cafes are Aregak Bakery and Café, Herbs & Honey, and Yaghli House. They often go there to read, write, meet friends, or just think. While you enjoy your coffee or tea, you can talk to the woman you like.

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Where to Meet Armenian Women Online? 

Instead of traveling thousands of kilometers to meet Armenian women in their country, you can try out online platforms. Traveling to the country may be risky due to the possibility of facing unforeseen circumstances and the costs involved. So, rather than spend thousands of dollars on flight tickets, accommodation, and feeding, you can meet an Armenian woman on mail-order brides’ platforms without spending much.

Armenian mail-order brides’ services are open to men from every country. They have profiles of thousands of Armenian girls interested in dating or casual relationships. From the comfort of your room or office, you can chat and know these ladies more before dating them.

How to Impress an Armenian Girl

Look good

Women from Armenia love men that look good and clean. When you meet Armenian girls, they expect you to put some effort into making a good first impression. You don’t need to wear the most expensive shoe or jewelry, and they don’t expect you to dress to kill, either. Just be well-groomed, and you’d be off to a great start.

Listen more

It is okay to entertain your Armenian girl with exciting tales. However, while you talk, know when to stop and listen. While she talks, try not to interrupt her. Also, encourage her to tell you about herself, her interests, and her experiences. 

Be nice 

To impress an Armenian lady, you must be friendly and gentle. When she is in need, show care and give her all the support she needs. Also, when you go out with her, be nice to the servers and people you meet.

How to Date an Armenian Girl: 3 Tips 

To date Armenian ladies, check out the following tips.

Be a partner, not a boss

Dating Armenian girls requires you to be calm and gentle. You must know that you are not her boss but her partner. Therefore, you must be respectful and conscious of her feelings and wants. You must not talk to her in a harsh tone, insult or hit her. If she offends, let her know calmly.

Meet her friends and family

When dating an Armenian woman, you must show her that she is essential by meeting her friends and family. When you meet people who are important to her, she will take you more seriously and love you more.

Understand her princess complex

Armenian ladies are used to being treated right because of the high standards of dating in their country. So when you are out on a date with an Armenian woman, don’t be surprised if she expects traditional chivalry from you. They will often not go over the top, but on the rare occasion that they do, knowing where the behavior comes from will help you manage it.

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Things to Avoid When Dating an Armenian Girl

If you are dating an Armenian woman, there are certain things you must not do. Below are some of these things.

Don’t be disrespectful 

If you are disrespectful, don’t think of dating Armenian women. These women love men who are gentle and dislike rude men. Never hit, insult or act unruly towards her, her family, friends, and country. 

Don’t cheat on her

One thing women do not tolerate is a cheating partner; Armenian ladies are no exception. If you demand loyalty from your woman, you must be prepared to be loyal. If your Armenian woman finds out you are cheating on her, she won’t hesitate to leave. While you show your woman care, stop looking at other women.

Don’t make everything about you

No woman will like a man who makes everything about himself. Though it is okay to tell her about you, know when to stop, be sensitive to her feelings and find ways to assist. Finally, avoid referring to yourself in the third person.


How to know if an Armenian girl likes you?

If an Armenian woman likes you, she will make it obvious, but you have to be smart to notice. Here are some of the signs.

She will want to meet your family and friends 

A woman in love would want her man’s friends to like her; Armenian girls are no exception. These women would like to attend gatherings with you to meet your people. Also, they would want to show you they love you by being friends with your pals.

She will make you her priority

If an Armenian woman starts calling you regularly, she is in love with you. No matter how busy she gets, she will speak with you via call or text. Also, if you have a problem, she will do anything to help.

Are Armenian women good in bed?

Armenian beauties may not have the bodies of Brazilian and Colombian women, but they are sexually appealing. In bed, these women will give you extreme pleasure with their moves. Don’t be surprised if you see an Armenian lady browsing sexual content online— she is just looking for new ways to please you. 

What are the gender roles in Armenia?

In Armenia, there is equality between men and women. Armenian girls take up leading roles and call the shots at top organizations. However, in the family, they are responsible for childbearing and nurturing, home keepers, and chefs. 

Are Armenian Women Religious? 

Generally, Armenians are religious and are mostly Christians. Most Armenian ladies are members of the Armenian Orthodox Church. Their religious nature and traditional values are why these women are kind and gentle.

What is the Fertility Rate in Armenia?

The fertility rate in Armenia has not increased by more than 0.06% from 2019 to 2023. At 1.757 birth per woman in 2019, it moved by 0.06 in 2021 to 1.758 and has not moved since then. This slow birth rate can be attributed to the citizens focusing on building careers and reaching the upper echelon of society.

Do Armenian women marry foreigners? 

Armenian women are ready to date and marry a foreign man that meets their standards. There are numerous girls from Armenia online prepared to date a foreigner. To meet them, register on a mail-order bride platform. 

Is the Armenian mail-order bride service safe?

Without a doubt, mail-order bride service is the best way to meet Armenian women. Traveling to the country poses a greater risk than this online platform. When you register, search for the woman of your dream, but be careful not to fall victim to fraudulent people. 

Are Armenian women feminists?

Since there is gender equality in terms of education and effective measure to ensure that young people go to school, Armenian girls don’t need to start feminist movements. Most of these women are already self-sufficient and occupy top leadership positions.

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