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Kazakh Women: What Is Hidden Behind Their External Modesty?

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Women living in Kazakhstan have always been of interest to foreigners, and not only because of their unusual appearance. They all have features that make them special. They can charm with their appearance, captivate with an interesting conversation and give a lot of care to their chosen one. But let’s talk about everything gradually further — sit back and get ready to get acquainted with amazing Kazakh women!

What Are Kazakh Women Like?

Since Kazakhstan occupies a large area, part of which belongs to Asia and part to Europe, girls living here are influenced by two different cultures. Kazakh girls are therefore multifaceted and unusual. When you first meet them, they always seem humble and mysterious, like Asians, but when you get to know them better, their modern European attitudes become apparent. All this is wonderfully intertwined with their natural good manners and gentleness instilled by Kazakh culture.

This country has always had special traditions and gender roles. In modern society, they have changed but still exist in the minds of every Kazakh woman. Therefore, it is possible to single out some traits of character, appearance, and behavior that are common to all, which we will discuss below.


Kazakh women are charming. They demonstrate inaccessibility and slight coldness, from which it may seem that they are not interested in new acquaintances, and this activates the desire of men to get to know them. Their main features are:

  • Stunning slanted eyes. They are also called Asian eyes. Most often in girls of Kazakhstan, they are brown and black, but there are also blue ones, less often green ones.
  • Dark and shiny hair. Their color varies from chestnut to black, like a raven’s wing. Some girls naturally have blonde hair.
  • Slightly swarthy, smooth skin. The skin color of these women has a pleasant shade, it does not change much with age.
  • Straight and neat nose. Girls in Kazakhstan are indeed more likely than others to have a smooth, perfectly even back of the nose — this is due to their type of appearance.
  • Harmonious physique. As a rule, women are of average height and weight.

Any Kazakh lady knows how to harmoniously emphasize her appearance. They use make-up to highlight their eyes, and also love to do skin and hair care procedures, so they stay young and attractive for a long time.


Many different features are combined in the character of these women, so they are interesting and multifaceted. Many of these features are due to the national traditions of Kazakhstan, but the modern world also influences them. In general, Kazakh women are more restrained than temperamental.

Women of Kazakhstan are smart

Girls from this country have an inquisitive minds. They like to study and engage in hobbies, so most of them have higher education. Thanks to this, they can maintain an interesting conversation with a man, have their range of interests, and also work in promising and exciting positions. But this is only one facet of their personality.

These girls are humble

Since childhood, Kazakh girls have been taught the rules of communication with a man and the rules of decent behavior. Most of them are calm and restrained, they do not declare themselves immediately, but gradually open up in communication. At first, they always seem mysterious and shy, but behind this lies a lot of interesting things.

They are soft

In the national tradition of Kazakhstan, a woman should be complaisant. Therefore, for many of them, the habit of behaving calmly and not arguing with a man has taken root. They choose strong partners who can make decisions on their own, and are ready to support them in these decisions. They are wonderful companions, they know how to support and find comforting words, creating a calm atmosphere at home.

They are independent and witty

On the other hand, modern women of Kazakhstan will not tolerate humiliation and will not be silent. They know how to express their opinion promptly. They are also able to live independently and are not dependent on a man. Therefore, if something offends her dignity and honor, she will never tolerate it. 

Kazakh Women: 5 Main Stereotypes

Several stereotypes confuse and sometimes scare people who are unfamiliar with the culture of Kazakhstan, but they are lies.

  • All women in Kazakhstan are Muslim. Islam is just one of the religions spread throughout the country. Some Kazakh women are Christians, some do not belong to any religion at all.
  • Kazakhs are boring. This impression is due to the external coldness of these girls and their restraint. In fact, upon closer acquaintance, you will be surprised by their wit and sense of humor.
  • These girls are only allowed to date Kazakhs. Their families do have strict traditions, but this does not mean that the girl will not be allowed to date or marry a foreigner.
  • Kazakh women are undeveloped. Such a stereotype exists about Kazakhstan itself, unfortunately. Modern women in this country have higher education and are actively developing in work.
  • Husbands for a daughter are chosen by the father and his family. In reality, a woman herself can choose her husband.

The girls themselves and their families honor traditions, but not so much that it interferes with relations with a foreigner.

Interesting Statistics About Kazakh Women

Here is some data from the Sage Journals study that will tell you a little more about these girls:

  • In the country’s universities, there are more female students (55.9%).
  • Kazakh women more often than men continue to study in graduate school (61.2% are women).
  • They choose to work as a teacher and study medicine, social sciences, and the humanities.
  • 57% of senior lecturers at universities in Kazakhstan are women.

Also, according to a study that was conducted in Kazakhstan, 75.1% of women believe that the family is the meaning of life.

In this country, women also often report cases of domestic violence. According to 2019 data, more than 2 million women complained about it.

What Makes Them Different from Other Asian Women?

Surprisingly, dating Kazakh girls are not as popular with foreigners as with other Asian girls. But that’s only because they don’t know these girls very well yet.

Firstly, they have a more traditional view of the family. Their culture has a negative attitude towards divorce, so these girls are always very eager to keep the couple’s relationship alive and improve it.

Secondly, they dream of having a large family. They are distinguished by their desire to have more children than 1 or 2. They love children very much, spend a lot of time with them, and rarely leave them in the care of a nanny.

Thirdly, they have a modern style in dress and appearance, which tends more towards the European style. They pay a lot of attention to fashion and are also passionate about body care and always flatter their appearance in line with fashion trends.

Finally, these girls are influenced by European culture, so they are more independent and autonomous than other Asian girls.

Kazakh chicks

Are Kazakh Women Good Wives?

Undoubtedly, it is Kazakh wives that are considered one of the best for those who prefer traditional values in the family. Consider the main features that make them amazing wives:

  • Love for children. In the national tradition of Kazakhstan, a woman has the main purpose — to give birth to a child. Thus, her main role is that of a mother. Therefore, Kazakh women know all the subtleties of raising children.
  • Comfort at home. Kazakh wives tend to do household chores on their own. They like to keep their homes cozy and clean, as most of them are brought up this way and have seen such an example from their mothers. A man who was lucky enough to get such a girl as his wife will return to a clean and comfortable house, where it will always smell delicious with appetizing food.
  • Attractiveness and sexuality. Kazakh women have beautiful appearances, and their beauty is preserved for many years. They like to take care of themselves to please themselves and their husband. Therefore, they always use their best outfits, cosmetics, and fragrant perfumes to attract a man and please him.
  • Loyalty. Kazakh women do not have a reputation for being frivolous girls. They are serious about their chosen one and remain faithful to him. They prefer to enter into close relationships only with those who have proven their love, and will never go for treason.
  • Pleasant disposition. It is very difficult to quarrel with such a girl. She will try her best to maintain a calm happy relationship with her husband. In addition, she strives to support her husband in all endeavors. For such girls, reproaches and reminders of the husband’s past mistakes are not typical. It is easy and pleasant to communicate with her, as in a quiet harbor.

Where to Meet Kazakh Women in Kazakhstan?

If you read the description of these girls and realized that you are interested in dating Kazakh women, then you should visit the largest cities of this country and visit crowded places.

Nur-Sultan (Astana)

This is the capital of Kazakhstan, where all the active life of the country is concentrated. Here is the largest number of beautiful Kazakh women who will be happy to get to know you. Good places to meet:

  • luxurious restaurants Ozen Lobby Lounge and SHEF Bar&Kitchen;
  • Embankment of the Yesil River;
  • Palace of Peace and Accord;
  • Water Green Boulevard;
  • Astana Opera.

It is also worth visiting the modern Nur-Alem Museum.


The city was previously the capital of Kazakhstan. This is the largest city, which attracts all Kazakh women from the region. You can meet Kazakh women in the park, where they often walk. The most popular places among locals are the Botanical Garden and the Central Park of Culture and Leisure.

For those who prefer to meet in restaurants and other public places, you can visit:

  • Seven Restaurants on the 28th floor of the Ritz-Carlton;
  • Monkey Almaty with a panoramic view of the city;
  • Kazakhstan Museum of Arts;
  • Ice complex «Almaty Arena».

And be sure to visit the Almaty Arbat — all the youth of this city spend time there!


The third largest city in Kazakhstan, where there are also many young and single girls with modern outlooks on life. Places where you can meet them:

  • Ice skating rink Ice Planet;
  • Walking Alley Beket Batyr;
  • Park «Zhailaukol»;
  • Modern lounge bar The 6.

It is also worth a look at the Arbat — there is interesting lighting and there are always a lot of young people.

meet Kazakh women

Where to Meet Kazakh Women Online?

But it is much easier to meet Kazakh girls without a trip to this country because they use specialized dating sites to communicate with men. It will be even easier for you. Kazakh women rarely walk alone in parks or restaurants, so online dating is a good alternative.

The profiles of these girls can be found on Kazakh mail order bride sites. On such platforms, they are open to chatting with foreigners. This format of communication suits those who do not want to spend a lot of time looking for someone interesting: women on these sites are also looking for dating, just like you.

3 Ways to Impress a Kazakh Girl

When you first meet, it is very important to make the right impression on the girl. Kazakh women, as a rule, do not have a long list of requirements for men, but there is something that they do not allow. But you should think about grand gestures. Kazakh ladies love:

  • Dates in beautiful places. This should be an institution where you need to dress beautifully to show yourself in your best outfit. Believe me, you will be fascinated by your companion, and Kazakh women will appreciate your taste in choosing a place for a date.
  • Men who pay bills. Yes, these girls themselves can earn and arrange dinner in a restaurant. But, in her understanding, a man should pay for dates. It is not customary for them to split the bill in half or pay dates in turn.
  • Beautiful courtship. Kazakh women love pretty bouquets, cute sweets, and other small gifts to take pictures with and share on social media. Plus, they need a lot of compliments!

Be polite and court her beautifully, and she will be impressed!

How to Date a Kazakh Girl: 5 Tips

If the first date with a Kazakh woman was successful, you need to fix the result. Some tips will help to prolong the relationship and gain the girl’s trust.

  • Be assertive but polite. It is important to be persistent in your courtship and take the first steps. The girls of Kazakhstan never take the first step, so asking for dates, making compliments, and developing relationships is a man’s task. However, it is impossible to insist on a closer relationship. Kazakh women take dating seriously and do not accept one-night stands.
  • Be attentive to details. It is important to listen to what the girl says. Because of her modesty, she will never say directly what she wants. Therefore, you will have to learn to understand the hints and remember them, so that you can then use them to your advantage.
  • Respect her family and not be afraid to get to know her. The girls of this country honor family traditions. The approval of relatives in the matter of choosing a life partner is important to them. If you are serious, then you need to show a willingness to get acquainted with relatives, as they play a big role in her life.
  • Show that you are financially stable. A girl who develops and earns on her own expects the same from a man. Kazakh women need to see that he can provide for her at a time when she will be with a child and will not be able to work. Therefore, the issue of financial security plays an important role.
meet Kazakh girls

Things to Avoid When Dating a Kazakh Girl

Here are the most common mistakes, making which, you will lose the opportunity to date a Kazakh girl forever. So don’t let them spoil your relationship!

  • Don’t be rude. The girl will not like obscene language and too vivid expressions of her emotions, especially aggressive ones. Since they are calm and reserved, they expect the same from their companion.
  • Do not reject her concern. These girls are more likely to show their feelings with deeds, rather than words. If they fall in love, they quickly envelop the man with their care. This should not be taken as a restriction of your freedom or intrusiveness. It’s just the love language they speak.
  • Don’t doubt her loyalty. For girls in Kazakhstan, this is a big insult, because if they choose a partner, then they are not interested in new acquaintances. But, in return, Kazakh women expect the same from you. Therefore, the rule also works in the opposite direction: never make her doubt your loyalty.
  • Do not show dissatisfaction with her family. This will be perceived by a woman as a personal insult, so you need to remain loyal and condescending to her family.

Marrying a Kazakh Woman: 5 Wedding Customs You Should Know

Here are a few traditions that are often observed at weddings:

  • Visits to Kazakh women’s parents. First, the groom visits the bride’s parents (you can bring friends or relatives with you). Then, if they agree to the wedding, the bride’s family visits the relatives of the future husband. The most important thing is to get the approval of the girl’s family and pay them a polite visit, give gifts and accept treats.
  • Kalym. This is an ancient tradition, which is a kind of bride price. It is most important in the South of Kazakhstan, but in the West, they don’t pay kalym — check this when talking with relatives.
  • Meeting with the bride on the wedding day. In some cases, the groom needs to perform various comic tasks, and if he does not complete them, he pays a fine. This is a popular stage in traditional weddings.
  • Some rituals are performed during the celebration, after the wedding at the registry office. The groom’s mother removes the bride’s veil and cuts it into small pieces, which are tied around a drinking vessel. This symbolizes many babies.
  • Wedding celebration. It must be with a big table, fun, and competition. Traditionally, 60-80 guests are invited. The party begins with a «toebastar» song, to which the guests should present gifts to the newlyweds, thus congratulating them.

Of course, modern Kazakh women do not always want such a wedding and choose more European options. In any case, when communicating with a girl, this can always be discussed openly.


What are the signs that a Kazakh Girl likes me?

First, she will be open on dates. At the first meeting, she will be modest and shy, but if she likes you, she will become more talkative and start talking about her hobbies. When she likes a man, she often smiles and tells personal things about herself and her family.

Also, an important indicator is the manifestation of care. If a Kazakh woman worries when you get sick, asks how your work day went and if you are tired, then she likes you.

A Kazakh girl will always accept gifts and gladly accept new invitations. She will also dress up for you, buy beautiful clothes and apply makeup.

What is the temperament of Kazakh Women in bed?

Girls of this mentality are quite modest in their sexuality. They are mysterious and often shy. They do not like manifestations of passion in public but left alone with a man, they fully reveal their potential. To help her open up, you need to be gentle and caring, not rude. Then she will show you what she is capable of!

Do girls in Kazakhstan cook delicious food?

Of course! Most of them have been able to do this since childhood. They love to cook for their family, so be sure that after a few dates and a confession of feelings, she will hint to you that she is ready to treat you to food that she will cook herself.

How are the roles of men and women in Kazakhstan divided?

Traditionally, girls are responsible for raising children and household chores, while men are responsible for making money. However, in modern society, gender roles in Kazakhstan are shifting. Kazakh wives also develop in their careers, but they remain good housewives and mothers and take on these responsibilities. Therefore, their husbands are very lucky!

Is religion important for Kazakh Women?

Religions such as Christianity and Islam are widespread in Kazakhstan. But not all girls belong to any of them. Most of them are not religious. They do not require a church wedding, and a man does not need to accept their faith before the wedding. But there are girls for whom this is important, so you should carefully clarify this point at the beginning of communication.

Do women in Kazakhstan easily move to another country?

It is difficult for them to part with their family and loved ones. In addition, adult women build a career in their own country, so the decision to move can take a long time. Perhaps she will agree to the option of moving if there are prospects for her career growth and the opportunity to visit relatives.

How do Kazakh Girls treat foreigners?

They treat them with caution, but because of their good disposition and pleasant character, they quickly become liberated in communication and become friendly. If you start communicating correctly, they will be happy to reciprocate you, no matter what country you are from. They have no prejudices about other nationalities.

How do Kazakh women feel about open relationships?

For them, such a format of relations is not acceptable. These girls are monogamous and expect the same from their partners. They appreciate the traditional format, where a man and a woman remain faithful to each other. It is important for them to feel and know that a man has no other woman, and she is the only one.

What Fertility Rate is in Kazakhstan?

There are 3.13 births per woman in Kazakhstan, which is a high figure. This is because it is customary in the country to start large families, and many women strive for this. Therefore, for those who want a big family, Kazakhs will be the best option, because they want the same!

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