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Korean Women: Everything You Need To Learn About Them

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Korea is divided into South and North Korea, and even though they are split, they all have one thing in common, their women are drop-dead gorgeous. South Korea has done more than enough to get their women the media attention they need, which is why they have flown into your radar. You are here because you want Korean women, and we are here to teach you how to get them. Sit tight and pay attention as we describe these women and teach you how to reach them. 

What Are Korean Women Like? 

Women in Korea are not like women from other countries, and things about them make them unique and attractive to foreign men. This section of the article will split the things which make them unique into different parts to help you understand them better. 


Korean women are pleasing to look at; they have physical features that would catch the attention of any man who wants them. Here are some of these physical attributes that foreign men cannot seem to get over: 

Bright, radiant skin

Korean women step out daily and challenge the sun to a ‘who is the brightest’ competition. Their skins are smooth and shiny, almost like a glass. Their beautiful skin is a result of extensive scientific research and unadulterated genetics. They have such beautiful skin that they invented a skincare routine called the ten steps Korean skincare routine

Large eyes

Korean women are characterized by their large eyes, which reach from one end to the other in a diagonal design resembling a cat’s. When Korean girls stare at you with those eyes, you find yourself doing whatever they want, enchanting. Korean women are probably why women worldwide have to draw a dark liner from one end of their eyes to the other to mimic the look. 

Small face 

Women in Korea have small V-shaped faces, which is their beauty standard. Their face is so small that a man with big hands can cup their face with both hands. Their faces are part of why they always look like they are aging backward. 


Women in Korea have certain personality facets which define who they are and how they relate to the men in their life. 

They are shy around men 

In Korea, you cannot be open about these things, especially if you are a woman. You will expect Korean women to be very available to showing emotions to men they like because they are some of the most liberal Asian women, especially South Korean women. However, what you see on TV with these women unable to show physical affection to the men they like is a part of their culture. 

They are attentive 

A Korean woman’s shyness makes her an observer in many situations. When a Korean girl is around a man she likes, she will watch him, learn things about him, and study him to please him later. Whatever you say to your Korean girlfriend, rest assured that she listens. 

They are educated

Koreans take the education of everyone in the country very seriously because they aim for global recognition and know they cannot achieve that otherwise. When you meet a Korean girl, do not expect her to be dumb and unintelligent because she is traditional. You will get a pleasant surprise when you converse with her. 

Korean women stereotypes 

Korean women have certain stereotypes surrounding them, and here are some of these stereotypes:

Many Korean women enjoy being the groupie life

It may seem like all the women in Korea are celebrity groupies because of the media reporting on how they act around stars and how they love their stars. However, these reports conveniently fail to mention explicitly the age demographic of the women involved. Rest assured, the Korean woman you want to marry will not be a celebrity groupie because she is not a 16-year-old without responsibilities. 

Korean women are sexually promiscuous 

The adult entertainment industry has done a disservice to Korean women with its Asian porn category. Most of what you may find on these sites are inaccurate representations of women in Korea, as many of it is imagined. 

Korean women are violent 

Not all Korean women practice martial arts; Korean ladies are feminine and believe very much in the idea of a man as a protector. Most women who can fight taekwondo in Korea do it for a living. So, women of Korea do not go around looking for who they can throw in a fight. 

Korean women statistics 

Here are some of the statistics on women in Korea.

What makes them different from other Asian women?

Korean women have distinct features and personalities from other women, and here are some of the things which set them apart: 

They are passive

Korean women don’t like taking charge and being assertive, especially when men are in the mix. In most situations, they would naturally defer to the man’s authority, especially in a relationship/marriage. This behavior contrasts with that of Japanese ladies.

They focus on being attractive  

Unlike the Japanese, Korean women can be described as vain because they focus on physical beauty and improving their brain power to be attractive to the men they marry. The final goal for a Korean woman is to marry a good man and run his home while he succeeds as a businessman. 

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Do Korean Women Make Good Wives?

Why do men want to marry Korean women? There are many reasons, but the primary reason is that Korean women are excellent wives. Here are the reasons why: 

They are unselfish 

A Korean woman will share herself and her resources with you; once you are married to her, what is hers becomes yours. She does not hold back once she gets past the shyness and becomes your wife/partner. 

They are excellent homemakers 

Your Korean wife will take care of your home in a way that will surprise you because you probably never thought it was possible. Regardless of social status and class, the average Korean lady learns how to manage a home from the get-go. As she gets an education, her mother and other women come together to teach her how to be a good wife and homemaker. 

They are family-oriented 

Koreans take their families very seriously. In Korea, it is family-first; no matter what or who they are against, they will stand by the family. When you marry and have kids with a Korean woman, you are her family, so she will take care of you with her life if necessary. She expects the same from you. 

Where To Meet Korean Women In Korea 

North Korea is closed to the public, so you may miss the Korean wife of your dreams if a visit to the country is your only plan for meeting a Korean girl. However, many Korean wives are waiting for you in South Korea if you choose to go there, which is definitely the wiser choice. Here are some of the spots in the big cities of South Korea where you could meet Korean women: 


Seoul is the biggest city in South Korea and the country’s capital. There are many fun things and places to visit in South Korea. But you are not going there as a tourist; you are going as a man in search of a wife, so here are three places where you can find them and a few suggestions on these places. 

Restaurants in Seoul 

The restaurants in Seoul include: 

  • Kyochon Chicken Hongdae 
  • Jangseung Geongangwon
  • 853

Bars in Seoul 

The Bars in Seoul include: 

  • Woodstock Itaewon bar 
  • GSM Terrace 
  • Club FF

Markets in Seoul 

The markets in Seoul include:

  • Myeongdong market 
  • Namdaemun market 
  • Dongdaemun market 


‘Train to Busan’ was fiction and should not discourage you from visiting the beautiful city of Busan to search for your hot Korean wife. Here are some of the bars, restaurants, and markets in Busan that you can visit to aid your search:


Some of the restaurants in Busan include: 

  • Namaste Haeundae
  • Obanjang 
  • Gaemijip 


Some of the bars in Busan include: 

  • Beached bar 
  • Papa’s 
  • Haeundae standard 


Some of the markets in Busan include: 

  • Bujeon market
  • Jagalchi market
  • Gukje market


Daejeon is one of the largest cities in Busan, located between two mountains and a hot tourist center, so brace up because there will be competition. To make it easy for you, here are some bars, restaurants, and markets you can visit to find the Korean wife of your dream: 


Here are three excellent restaurants in Daejeon:

  • Kingdom buffet 
  • Yetteo 
  • Omunchang sundae 


Here are three unique bars in Daejeon: 

  • Thursday party 
  • Adonis 
  • The ranch pub 


Here are three great markets in Daejeon: 

  • Jungni market 
  • Doma big market 
  • Indong Sijang 
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Where To Meet Korean Women Online

Since the invention of mail-order brides’ platforms, they have benefited men seeking foreign wives. On the Korean mail-order brides’ sites, you will meet different Korean women and then make your choice. You may not be able to make your choice from the beginning, so you can chat with multiple women until you find the one you like. Through the platform, you can send her gifts to woo her until you get her to like you, then you can plan a physical meet and a wedding ceremony. The process is seamless, and it saves you money and time. 

How To Impress A Korean Girl 

Dating a Korean girl is not difficult, but before you get to that point, you must first impress the girl for her to consider you. Here are three ways you can impress women in Korea. 

Look good

Have you seen the men in Korea? Have you seen the men these women fawn over? You have to look either formal or casual-formal to get their attention. In Korea, a book is judged by its cover. You will only get the Korean woman of your dreams if you look good. 

Be educated

Korean women will not spend another minute with you if they believe you are uneducated. If you think you are not smart enough, please pretend. What you will, however, not do is sound dumb around a Korean woman. She would not tell you what you have done wrong; she would stay away from you. 

Be respectful 

Respect is an Asian culture, regardless of the country. When you meet a Korean woman, you must show her utmost respect and be polite to her. If you are rude, you are automatically blocked, and you best believe that word goes around quickly. You will become the rude foreigner no Korean girl likes.

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Dating a Korean Woman: 4 Tips 

Dating a Korean woman has intricacies you will have to navigate because they are different from every other woman you have ever met. Here are four tips to help you to date the Korean woman of your dreams: 

Be romantic 

When you start dating Korean women, you must meet the romantic requirements of Kdrama. Korean men are not very romantic; they are complicated and cold and find it hard to melt even when they are in love with their wives; they also rarely marry for love. So, Korean women spend their lives aching for the kind of love Kim Tan gave Eu Sang in ‘The Heirs’ and more like it. 

Be kind 

Korean women look out for small things when dating men, and kindness is one of those things. If they notice that you are not kind, they won’t continue the relationship with you. Korea has a bullying problem, especially with men, so the women look out for men who are too kind to be bullies and marry them. 

Learn about her culture 

Women in Korea spend so much time learning about other people’s cultures that they can be better conversationalists when they meet them. They expect you to make the same effort when dating them. Small things like remembering to bow when you greet her father can seal the deal for both of you. 

Feed her 

Korean girls like to eat, even though they have a stylized method of eating that stops them from adding weight. However, you should feed your Korean girl. Either cook for her or take her to expensive fine dining. 

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What To Avoid When Dating A Korean Girl 

When dating Korean girls, you must avoid certain things to ensure that your relationship lasts long enough for marriage, or you will be back to square one and trying to date a Korean girl again. Here are four things that you must avoid when dating Korean women: 

Forced PDA 

Koreans are not known to show affection in public, especially when the couples are not married yet. Do not try to hold her hand in public without her explicit approval. Do not ask her if you can; when she feels like doing something of that nature, she will do it herself; asking her is tantamount to pressuring her, and she would not like it. 

Criticizing her family

In Korea, family comes before everything else, and you are not family. On no account should you criticize the family of the Korean girl you are dating. She will show you the door faster than you can say sorry. 


Korean women respect hard work more than they do material possessions. Your Ferrari and the rest will not catch her attention. You can buy her a Hermes limited collection bag, and she will leave you for the man who gives her a small stuffed bear because he is hardworking and does not brag about material things. 

Stoicism or emotionlessness 

If a Korean woman wanted to marry a man without emotions, she would have settled for a Korean man in an arranged marriage. She is switching cultures and everything she knows for you; she expects you to sweep her off her feet romantically. Failure to do so will push her away. 

Marrying A Korean Girl: 4 Wedding Customs 

If you finally make it to the marriage part of the relationship, you must prepare yourself for the culture shock you will experience during the ceremony. Now, we do not want you to stand around looking confused on your wedding day, so here are four Korean marriage customs that you are likely to encounter during your ceremony:


The bride and groom get two attendants who will support them throughout the wedding ceremony and follow them around. These attendants will spread out rugs for the bride and groom at opposite sides of the wedding table. Then they wash their hands, and the bride and groom cleanse them before the ceremony.

The bride and groom will face each other and bow to each other, the bride twice, the groom once, and they will repeat this process twice. Finally, they will kneel and face each other. 


The attendants string two copper cups together, put wine in them, and then hand them to the bride and groom. The couple drinks from their gourds together to signify that two halves have become one. In some traditions, they get one giant copper cup and have to figure out among each other how to drink from it at the same time to show that they can work together. 


The groom will present a wild goose to the mother of the bride to promise her that he will stay faithful and loyal to her daughter for life. This practice is symbolic, as geese are said to mate for life. 

Money gifts 

Guests come to the wedding with money in white envelopes for the bride and groom and usually give it to them during the ceremony. The couple will also receive cash and other gifts from their parents to help them start their new life. Now, this part of the wedding should be pleasing to you. 


How to know if a Korean girl likes you?

Korean women do not play around with their feelings, lie, or play hard to get. When a man begins to move to them, they take a step back and observe, learning about him. As soon as they like the man, they immediately show him how they talk to him. Another way to know that a Korean girl has fallen in love with you is when she tries to touch you. 

Are Korean women good in bed?

The lack of proper kissing and sex in Korean films is enough to show you that Korean women probably know next to nothing about sex, regardless of what the adult entertainment industry will like you to believe. However, women are teachable, so if you can find the patience to teach your Korean lover how to please you sexually, you will enjoy your sex with her. 

What are the gender roles in Korea?

Yes, there are many educated women and many women in business in Korea, but Ultimately, the men make all the decisions. The women defer to the authority of the men in most cases. Please note that they are fine leaving the big decisions to the men. Despite the supposed gender discrimination, women are okay with men taking the most responsibility. At the same time, they care for the home, look pretty and get a big inheritance when he dies. 

What is the birthrate in Korea?

Korea has an incredibly low birth rate of 0.84 births per woman, and this is because of the economic disparity. Korea is divided into the haves and the have-nots; now, the latter is more than the former. People need resources to have kids they can cater to, which is why South Korea has the lowest birth rate in the world. 

Are Korean women religious? 

In Korea, they have 23% of Buddhists, 29% are Christians, and 46% are irreligious people. There is a big chance that you may end up with someone from these sects. However, the women will almost always stick to the religion of their husbands in many cases. 

Are Korean Women Materialistic?

Korean women will always choose hard work over material things, so while they will accept gifts you give them, they will not stick with you for those things. They want you to prove that you are a respectable, hardworking man who is not all fluff and has no substance.

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