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Dating Taiwanese Women: How to Get These Intelligent Beauties Fall For You

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Taiwan is a paradise home to natural wonders, rich spiritual history, and some of the world’s most beautiful women. Given how beautiful and exotic these ladies look, it’s no wonder that when some tourists visit the country for the first time, they are smitten and marry these incredible Taiwanese women.

This article covers all there is to know about Taiwanese women and why they are so popular among foreigners.

What Are Taiwanese Women Like?

Taiwanese women are like a breath of fresh air despite their shy nature. Here are some distinct qualities that make them stand out:


What makes Taiwanese women stand out from the rest?

  • They are attractive

Taiwanese women have lovely, cute faces with eyes as beautiful as full moons in July. They have fragile and elegant physiques to complement their looks, making them look appealing to foreign men.

  • Their use of makeup

These women pride themselves on looking almost doll-like. They use skin whitening products to highlight their fair skin and even use bright makeup. To make their eyes look more colorful and significant, they use black eyeliners and special colorless patches to raise their upper eyelids.

  • Taiwanese girls are fit

Taiwanese ladies have beautiful slender bodies as they prefer an active lifestyle. They often go for walks, do fitness at home or in the park, and eat healthily. Their genes also help, as the average Taiwanese lady is less likely to get overweight than her Western counterpart.


Some distinct personality traits of Taiwanese girls are:

  • Their stylish nature

Taiwanese ladies are fond of bright and extraordinary looks. They like to combine different colors and styles in one regard in unexpected ways. These women comfortably adopt fashion trends from South Korea, the USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

  • They can be intentional about relationships

Taiwanese women are not the type to engage in casual sex. They aim only to be involved in serious relationships and create a family. They are perfect for men who have always dreamt of an innocent, loving, and devoted bride with no wild past or colossal body count.

  • Taiwanese ladies are respectful

Taiwanese girls are mature, well-mannered, restrained, and calm. They always greet others with cheerful faces and never express anger or aggression toward others. These women take femininity as a primary requisite for being a proper lady.

  • These women love surprises

Taiwanese ladies are the type that enjoys it when men shower them with gifts. Similarly, they go out of their way to reciprocate the effort by showering their lover with presents. If you do good deeds for Taiwanese women, they will never forget that and treat you nicely.

Taiwanese Women Stereotypes

Over time, there have been some stereotypes that have come to be associated with Taiwan. To bring about some sort of consensus with the varying opinions, here are the actual truths regarding the speculations:

  • Taiwanese women live in slums

Taiwan is a highly developed country with high-tech firms, a first-rate network of motorways and freeways, colossal shopping malls, buses, trains, and high-speed rail systems. Contrary to popular opinion, Taiwan isn’t a city of squalor and poverty like most people speculate.

  • Taiwanese women eat weird foods

There’s vast speculation that Taiwanese girls eat cockroaches, cats, and dogs. Tofu is also a staple food that’s very delicious in Taiwan. Even though some people may eat bugs, it doesn’t mean that all Taiwanese girls fit into that stereotype.

Statistics You Should Know About Taiwanese Women

Taiwanese chicks

Do Taiwanese Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, Taiwanese wives make excellent partners. Here are some reasons behind that claim:

  • Taiwanese wives are conservative

Dating only for fun is not common among women in this culture. Taiwanese wives are the type that always wants to know your intentions for them even before they date you. They don’t engage in casual sex and would not want a situation where they have to regret their relationship choices.

  • They are honest and supportive partners

Women of Taiwan are passionate and responsible, as there is a strong emphasis on family. They believe that a woman should only love and be loved by one guy, which is why the women in this culture are so selective when choosing a life mate.

  • Taiwanese wives are caring mothers

Women in Taiwan often only have one kid, so they shower their child with all the love and care they can muster. They channel all their devotion to this child and ensure the kid is a responsible member of society.

Taiwanese ladies

Where to meet Taiwanese Women in Taiwan?

Meeting Taiwanese women in Taiwan is the dream of many men. There are possible places to meet these incredible women in coffee shops, restaurants, and malls.

But is it as easy as it sounds? As a stranger in Taiwan, it would be necessary for you to know the exact places to look when you want to meet amazing Taiwanese women.

Coffee shops

Taiwanese ladies go to coffee shops to relax or have dates with their friends. Check out the coffee shops in Taipei City, Taichung City, and Hsinchu City.

Taipei City

Excellent coffee shops in Taipei City are:

  • Fong Da Coffee
  • All Day Roasting Company
  • Ruins Coffee Roasters

Taichung City

Visit Taichung City to meet a Taiwanese woman in:

  • Tikiyalo
  • J.W. Cafe
  • Coffee stopover

Hsinchu City

Check out fantastic coffee shops in Hsinchu City like:

  • Ink Coffee
  • Zhu Coffee
  • Second Floor Cafe 


Taiwan is a fantastic city with delicious meals and mouthwatering local delicacies. Check out the restaurants in Taipei City, Pingtung County, and Taichung City.

Taipei City

Some fantastic restaurants in Taipei City are:

  • Din Tai Fung Xinyi Restaurant
  • Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine Main Restaurant
  • Din Tai Fung 101

Pingtung County

Check out great restaurants in Pingtung County like:

  • Akame
  • The month of Autumn Restaurant
  • Biker Bite

Taichung City

Visit Taichung City for excellent restaurants like:

  • Banana New Paradise
  • Fu Din Wang
  • Jinyuan Dim Sum Restaurant


The malls in Taiwan are some of the best, as Taiwanese go there to buy items for their daily needs. Some of the best malls in Taiwan are in Taipei City, Kaohsiung City, and Taoyuan City.

Taipei City

Taipei City has great malls like:

  • Taipei 101 Shopping center
  • Taipei City Mall
  • Breeze Center

Kaohsiung City

Visit the malls in Kaohsiung City, such as:

  • Dream Mall
  • Hanshin Arena
  • Global Mall Xinzuoying Station Store

Taoyuan City

In Taoyuan City, you can visit excellent malls like:

  • Tai Mall
  • Gloria Outlets
  • Metrowalk Shopping Center
dating Taiwanese women

Where to Meet Taiwanese Women Online?

Instead of going to Taiwan to meet Taiwanese women, why not try a more affordable alternative, like Taiwanese mail-order bride services?

If you use the Taiwanese mail-order bride platform responsibly, you’ll see it’s convenient and beneficial. The platform allows you to meet and talk to many Taiwanese women without leaving your comfort zone.

It’s an excellent method to meet these lovely women, as all you need to do is to signup, fill in some basic information, and let the algorithm work its magic.

How to Impress a Taiwanese Girl

Taiwanese women are pretty traditional, so you must know how to interact with them to make the best impression. Here are some great tips on how to impress a Taiwanese girl you like:

  • Trust their sense of judgment

Taiwanese ladies are known for their discernment in finding a life partner. They understand what characteristics in men are essential for a happy marriage and what is less crucial. They have a healthy sense of self-worth without being overbearing in their expectations.

  • You must be independent.

To attract a Taiwanese girl, you must be emotionally and financially prepared to have a family. These women are the type who value men with financial stability because they wouldn’t want to suffer. Even though you’re not rich, try to be hardworking and work towards your goals.

dating Taiwanese girls

How to Date a Taiwanese Girl: 4 Tips

As said earlier, these women are traditional. So, when dating Taiwanese women, you must be careful of your actions and utterances. Here are the tips on how to date a Taiwanese woman.

  • Be graceful

One of the hallmarks of culture in this nation is an unwavering commitment to civility. A woman will see a man’s poor manners as a sign of disdain for her if he displays them in her company. Genuine guys are well-received by women in Taiwan. So, always be on your best behavior.

  • Understand the cultural differences

Since Asian and Western cultures are so different, dating a Taiwanese lady may initially seem challenging. The most important thing is to recognize your differences and work a little more to learn about one another.

  • Engage in the customs of the area

The women in Taiwan appreciate it when their foreign lover takes the time to learn about their culture and customs in depth. When visiting the country, it’s essential to relax and see some landmarks that showcase the unique cultural traditions of the people who live there.

  • Establish common ground

In Taiwan, ladies place a premium on developing emotional intimacy with their future spouse before marriage. And this can only happen if there are common goals. So, from the very beginning of your conversation with a female you like, attempt to discover something in common.

Things to Avoid When Dating a Taiwanese Girl

When dating Taiwanese girls, there are some characteristics that you should never exhibit. Here they are:

  • Never flirt with other women

Stay away from other women, and don’t flirt with them. If you don’t, your Taiwanese woman will see you as a cheat who does not respect her. At all times, try to respect the nature of the relationship you both have. If a Taiwanese girl is interested in dating you, don’t waste time pursuing other women.

  • Don’t get mad over her excessive love for pictures

Taiwanese women have a penchant for documenting every aspect of their lives in photographs. Whether you’re on a date, in a mall, or a coffee shop, they will always want to take snaps. Then, she’ll probably upload the images on social media without delay.


How to know if a Taiwanese Girl Likes You?

If a Taiwanese girl likes you, she’ll want to learn more about your background. Traditional Taiwanese beliefs place a premium on family, so she’ll likely want to meet yours to learn more about you. If she does this, it might mean she wants to stay with you in a committed relationship. In Taiwan, being invited to someone’s house is a tremendous honor. So, meeting her family means she’s ready to take your friendship to the next level. When she puts her hand on yours or rests her arm on yours, even in a public setting or while you’re chatting, you can bet she feels a strong emotional connection to you.

Are Taiwanese Women Good in Bed?

Taiwanese women are relatively shy, so it can be challenging to know their sexual prowess when you’re both together for the first time. Also, their culture places a significant priority on “no sex before marriage,” so you’ll both have to explore her sexuality together.

What are the gender roles in Taiwan?

Society expects women to contribute to the household income, whether married or single. Nonetheless, the traditional view of males as breadwinners persists in the workplace. Women are still socially expected to be primary child caregivers, while males are supposed to be the primary breadwinners. Taiwanese women find employment across all sectors. However, they tend to hold lower-paying positions.

Are Taiwanese Women Religious?

Yes, Taiwanese women are religious, as they believe in different faiths. Most Taiwanese religion is a combination of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. They believe in an all-knowing supernatural power and also the afterlife. Despite her religious nature, a Taiwanese wife will never impose her faith on anybody. 

What is the Fertility Rate in Taiwan?

At 1.23 children per woman in 2023, Taiwan has a relatively low fertility rate. These women give birth to at most two children and focus all their love and attention on them. With a Taiwanese wife, you get a doting mother who is always after her kids’ happiness.

Why do they prefer foreign men?

Taiwanese men typically leave the household duties and childcare for their girlfriends or wife to take care of. They expect women to do all the home-related chores, even when working regular jobs. Taiwanese men also typically expect their women to show obedience. Foreign men are the opposite since they help with tasks and believe in gender equality.

Are they friendly to foreigners?

The Taiwanese public has a lot of respect for international visitors. Taiwan is consistently ranked as one of the most significant locations in the world to live as an ex-pat because of how welcoming it is to international visitors, particularly those from the West. These lovely women will help you settle down and serve as local guides.

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