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Dating a Malaysian Woman: The Dos and Don’ts

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There are many things to think about if you want to date women from Malaysia. First, Malaysian women are renowned for their intelligence, beauty, and commitment to their families. In addition, they are frequently referred to as welcoming, friendly, and warm, making them ideal partners for long-term relationships.

This guide will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of dating Malaysian women in Malaysia, whether you are a Malaysian looking for love or a foreigner living in Malaysia.

What Are Malaysian Women Like?

Malaysian women are generally admired for their intelligence, grace, and beauty. In addition, they frequently have striking characteristics with mixed elements from South, Southeast, and East Asia. The following section will analyze their traits.

Types of Malaysian women and their appearance

  • Malaysian Indian 

Malaysian Indian women have distinctive facial features like high cheekbones, plump lips, and thick eyebrows. Their skin can range from fair to dark. They also have curvy, appetizing bodies and thick, shiny brown or black hair, and they have thick hair. 

  • Malaysian Chinese

Chinese from Malaysia are thin and petite. They typically have straight black hair, rounder faces, and lighter skin, making them look like Asians. They enjoy accessorizing with jewelry and handbags and frequently dress in contemporary fashion styles.  

  • Malay

Malay women have dark skin, unlike Caucasian women, and are distinguished by their oval-shaped faces, dark eyes, and straight black or brown hair. Female Malay ladies dress nicely in Asian clothes and wear brightly colored Muslim garments. But when they wear western-style dresses, they show off their exceptional taste.


  • Eager to learn

They put in a lot of effort to get a good education and learn new skills. In addition to their careers, adorable Malaysian women are highly demanding. Their homes and families are portrayed by severe discipline, great childhood, and perfect request.

  • Amiable and Conscious

Malaysian ladies are known for their gracious and conscious way of behaving toward others, regardless of their age, orientation, or societal position. As a result, they are instilled with the virtues of kindness and humility throughout their lives.

  • Loving and caring

Their family’s emphasis on family greatly influences Malaysian women’s lives. Therefore, they put their family’s well-being first and try to keep their relationships with loved ones happy.

  • Independent

Women in independent Malaysia are increasingly defying gender norms and pursuing their interests and careers. They are financially secure and self-assured in their ability to make decisions independently. Despite their gentle demeanor, Malaysian women can be strong-willed and resilient.

  • Multilingual

Malaysia is a society that is both multilingual and multiethnic. Many Malaysian women speak at least two languages fluently. They are adaptable and tolerant because they can communicate effectively in various languages.

Malaysian Women Stereotypes

  • Too religious

A Malaysian woman’s life is heavily influenced by religion. Yes, most Malaysians are members of a specific confession. However, its function diminishes. Because Malaysia is a secular nation, no religion influences how people choose to work, start families, or move to other countries. 

  • They’re shy

Western men often think Malaysian brides are reserved, only interested in their families, and obedient to their husbands. These girls appear unwilling to participate in fun activities and to be quiet and committed in big companies. 

Statistics You Should Know About Malaysian Women

  • In a survey on female health and wellness that Milieu Insight conducted in Malaysia in January 2022, 33% of respondents reported having trouble finding information about menopause. 
  • In 2021, there was no change in the percentage of seats held by women in Malaysia’s national parliament compared to the previous year. Women continued to hold 14.86 percent of seats in the federal parliament.
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reports that Malaysia’s labor force participation rate for women is 54%, which is low compared to other regional economies and the OECD average. 
  • One woman out of nineteen (19) women is at risk for BC, and almost half (50%) of women diagnosed with BC were reported to be under the age of fifty (50). 
  • A further indication of the significance and relevance of sex education is that almost half (47 percent) of Malaysians who are currently sexually active say that they first had sex before they turned 21 and that 11 percent of them did so as teenagers.
Malaysian ladies

Do Malaysian Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, and for the following reasons:

Expert culinary skills

Malaysian women take great pride in the upkeep of their homes and are well-known for their culinary skills. They would rather stay at home than dance and go to nightclubs. A visit to a restaurant or a “Mamak,” a traditional food court, is an everyday activity in Malaysia. The food that Malaysian women prepare is simply delectable, and they are exceptional cooks.


Even though Women in Malaysia may not publicly display affection, they are loyal, loving, and devoted partners. Although it may be challenging to court Malaysian brides, a faithful and attentive wife’s benefits are worth the effort.


Malaysian women are excellent housewives because their homes are spotless. They figure out how to take care of things with the goal that it is vague to man. Therefore, the fortunate Malaysian woman maintains a tidy home at all times.

Where to meet Malaysian Women in Malaysia?

Malaysian girls are diverse and interested in a variety of things. But on the other hand, coffee shops, city malls, restaurants, movie theaters, and parks are where they spend the most time. The following are some well-known locations where you might meet Malaysian girls:

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of the best places to meet women because it is the capital of Malaysia.


  • SkyBar
  • Zouk Club
  • Heli Lounge Bar


  • Roasters
  • Feeka Coffee
  • Merchant’s Lane 


  • Durian Kafe 
  • El Iberico
  • Mangrove Food Court


Penang is a great place to meet women because of its rich history and delicious cuisine.


  • China House
  • Mugshot Cafe


  • Soju Room
  • Mish Mash 

Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is a city in the southern part of Malaysia. Here, you can meet women in several popular spots, including:


  • Faculty of Caffeine
  • The Replacement
  • Bev C Cafe


  • M2 Club 
  • Mixx Club


This city is known for its social legacy and flavorful food.


  • Backlane Coffee
  • The Daily Fix
  • Calanthe Art Cafe


  • M2 Club
  • Mixx Club


Malaysian women can be found in universities like:

  • The National University of Malaysia
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Malaya

Tourist centers

Tourist centers are great places to meet women from all over Malaysia and the world.

  • The Batu Caves
  • Langkawi Island
  • Petronas Twin Towers
meet Malaysian girls

Where to Meet Malaysian Women Online?

Taking advantage of the matchmaking services on Malaysian mail-order brides’ websites is one of the best options for meeting women from Malaysia online. To ensure a positive experience, however, choosing a dependable and reputable one is essential. 

It’s essential to be wary of cheap versions of Malaysian mail-order brides’ websites, as the premium ones would require you to spend a certain amount to get the most out of them. Remember that the objective is to achieve excellent results, such as marriage to a beautiful Malaysian woman; therefore, be prepared to invest in your love search.

How to Impress a Malaysian Girl

  • Be curious about her family

Establishing that you will have close family connections is another way to make an excellent first impression on them. Family is an integral part of Malaysia’s culture. It is in line with their unique faith-based beliefs and their faith.

  • Be skilled in the kitchen

Malaysian wives frequently experiment with foreign cuisine by searching the internet for exciting and delectable recipe ideas. So if you have culinary skills, especially with foreign dishes, you will catch their interest. It will also serve as an icebreaker with their family when you visit.

  • Be gentlemanly

Even after your online dating has ended, you still need to be very gentle when handling or approaching them. It means that you shouldn’t be too ambitious or straightforward for many of us, like taking it one step at a time to get to know each other well and gradually build a relationship.

  • Properly plan for the meetup

In addition, if you decide to meet face-to-face, ensure that the gathering is held in a dignified, public location. Having a well-planned date is one of the many ways to ensure your Malaysian lady friend feels comfy at the first meeting.

How to Date a Malaysian Girl: 5 Tips

The following are tips on how to date Malaysian girls:

  • Prove your Competence

Because Malaysia is a developed nation, women here hold a class and expect the same from potential partners. Yes, these women have a lot of education, so they always want to date a man with a lot of education. So if you date her on an online dating site, you should always work on polishing your profile so that she will be impressed.

  • Don’t pretend to be perfect

Don’t try to act the best version of a man that you end up becoming unrealistic and unrelatable. Malaysian girls value genuine individuals who are unafraid to discuss their flaws and frustrations. However, this does not necessitate focusing solely on them. Instead, find a balance, be bold, and show yourself as accurate while energizing and eager for growth.

  • Be original when planning the date

Malaysian women are romantics who adore everything about first dates. However, if you repeat yourself, their well-developed creativity may make them bored with you. As a result, if you’re dating a Malaysian woman, make sure your dates don’t look like two drops of water. 

Malaysian chicks

Things to Avoid When Dating a Malaysian Girl

  • Do not Insist on a relationship at first

Despite the passionate nature of Malaysian women, they are rarely ready for intimacy on their first dates. In Malaysia, women tend to form strong relationships with men for a long time. As a result, they require some time to connect with others and get to know them before they can give in to their passion.

  • Don’t make crude jokes

Even though most people’s actions appear secular, the country is still officially Muslim. So at all costs, don’t make jokes about religion. Similarly, don’t peddle racial jokes or stereotypes targeting Malaysians or Asians. Instead, familiarize yourself with the country’s positive representations.

  • Avoid going on and on about the low cost of living

Avoid commenting on the low cost of living with the Malaysian girl because she may feel insulted. Worse still, she may take advantage of you to pay her what she wants. The prices in the country will be low for you, but for the Malaysian girl, they will be high. Bringing it up will make her feel you are bragging.


How to know if a Malaysian girl likes you?

There are a few general signs that a Malaysian woman might be interested in you. Here are a few potential signs:

  • She expresses an eagerness to spend time with you

It could indicate that she likes you if a Malaysian woman enjoys your company and wants to spend time with you. For example, she might invite you to spend time with her and her friends or suggest activities or events that she thinks you would enjoy.

  • She initiates dialogue

A Malaysian woman may be interested in getting to know you better if she frequently starts conversations with you or seems eager to talk to you. It could occur in person, over text messages, or online through social media.

  • She enjoys making fun of you

It’s possible that a Malaysian woman likes you if she frequently laughs at your jokes and finds them funny. If she finds your humor funny, she might be interested in you.

Are Malaysian women good in bed?

The quality of sex you get out of a relationship is determined by the kind of girl you meet in Malaysia. However, sex remains taboo in Malaysian culture. So these ladies are discreet about it, even when they are good in bed. Once they feel safe with you, they can show you their kinky side.

What are the gender roles in Malaysia?

The traditional role of a woman typically entails taking care of the children and performing household chores. Power imbalances largely persist due to the belief that a woman’s role is primarily as a mother and wife. The younger generation is experiencing shifts in attitudes regarding gender roles. But most are still financially dependent on their father or husband to an extent. In addition, males are legally guaranteed inheritance, guardianship, and family lineage.

Are Malaysian women religious?

Muslims make up over 60% of the population in Malaysia, while Buddhists make up about 20%. There are a few other religions, but these are the most common. Whether religion plays a significant role in the process depends on the girl you meet; some may even want you to switch to her faith after marriage.

What is the fertility rate in Malaysia?

The Malaysian fertility rate is a statistical indicator of its population’s average number of children born to women. Of the country’s residents, Bumiputera women between the ages of 15 and 49 had approximately 2,000 births per 1,000 women in 2021. In contrast, Chinese women in Malaysia had a fertility rate of 849 deliveries per 1,000 women in the same year.

Can you kiss a Malaysian woman in broad daylight in the country?

Public displays of affection between partners are considered inappropriate and immoral in Malaysia. Even in public places, many signs say that couples should not kiss or hug each other too much. Of course, you can kiss someone on the cheek or shake hands lightly, but you shouldn’t kiss, hug, or kiss too much in public.

What is the obligatory step that you must take at a wedding in Malaysia?

The Akad Nikah is a Malaysian ritual that is required for every wedding. The parents give the bride to the future husband during this ceremony. Vali, who is usually the bride’s father, leads the ceremony. Two witnesses and a Qadi (an Islamic official) are also present. The Qadi calls the bride to obtain her consent to marry before the Akkad Nikah begins.

What are the dishes Malaysian women like?

Due to its multicultural population, local ladies’ preference for Malaysian cuisine has various influences. They often love dishes with seafood and tropical plants seasoned with turmeric, cumin, and coriander. Despite its deliciousness, you should encourage your Malaysian wife to consume the food cautiously due to its abundance of fats and carbohydrates.

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