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Cambodian women: All You Need To Know About Dating And Marrying Them

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Cambodia is an Indochinese country located on the mainland of southeastern Asia. Besides its low-lying picturesque plains, one of the best things about Cambodia is its women. Cambodian girls are the creator’s favorite because you could argue that he spent extra time creating them, and we’d find it hard to disagree. So, it makes sense that men like you are reading this piece, interested in finding Cambodian love. And we will teach you how. 

What are Cambodian women like?

Foreign men love Cambodian ladies for many reasons, including their looks, personalities, and other things about them. We have divided these things into subsections to explain better why they are a favorite for these men. 


Cambodian ladies are some of the most gorgeous and sexy women that you will ever come across in your lifetime. Here are a few of the physical attributes that make them this way:

Their tan skin tone 

Women of Cambodia have complexions that lie somewhere between a light skin tone and a honey-dark skin tone. Many of them have a honey-olive skin tone that glistens in the sun. Although they pay little attention to skincare, their skin stays shiny and smooth. They probably have this skin color because they have had a lot of colonial influences, settlement, and interracial relationships over the years, which has altered their genetics to create this skin tone. 

Their long luscious hair 

Cambodian women have long, curly, lush, slightly coarse hair that occasionally tangles and falls over their faces. Cambodia is one of the countries adding to the growing economy of the hair extension industry in the world. Women in the west and some African countries want to buy Cambodian hair to have some wavy goodness. 

They are slender and shapely 

Maybe it is a result of their diet, but Cambodian women are some of the slimmest women you will ever find. They are thin, sexy, and fit despite not working out. We meant it when we said at the beginning that the creator was playing favorites when he made Cambodian women. Cambodian girls are a dream for men who do not like women with a little extra weight. 


Certain personality traits of Cambodian ladies make them endearing to foreign men, and here are three of these traits:

They are very feminine

Often you find western women who now have more masculine traits than feminine ones and are no longer attractive. However, Cambodian women retain feminine characteristics, enchanting them to men who like and want feminine women. Femininity is a big deal for men who wish to have the traditional idea of what a home should look like. 

They are shy 

Women in Cambodia rarely look you in the eye when they meet you, and you try to talk to them. Instead, they will avoid your gaze and smile shyly while in your presence. Men find this trait attractive because it depicts some form of innocence, which western men want from their foreign wives. 

They are very patient 

Cambodian women are known for their patience. No matter how challenging, frustrating, or annoying the situation may be, Cambodian girls will keep their cool and remain calm for however long it will take to remain in that situation. This trait is important because people often get a chance at second impressions. 

Cambodian Women Stereotypes 

There are many stereotypes that people carry on about Cambodian women, and here are few of them:

Cambodian women are illiterates 

“Illiterate” is a relatively strong word to describe the women of Cambodia. However, most of the women in Cambodia do not have a formal education. Regardless, it does not stop them from seeking knowledge in other spheres of life. So, while this stereotype may be a little true, it doesn’t take anything away from their natural brilliance and ingenuity.

Cambodian women are socially withdrawn 

The women of Cambodia are timid, non-confrontational, and very patient. As a result of these traits, you may often find them in situations where you expect them to fight and see that they do not. Unfortunately, many misinterpret this quietness as being socially withdrawn and scared. In reality, their calmness has no bearing on their social energy, and Cambodian women can be as vibrant as the situation demands. 

Cambodian women are afraid of foreigners 

Cambodian girls do not speak English and are very timid. When they meet a foreign man, they do not know what to say or how to behave, so they mostly stay away. However, they are not afraid of foreigners; they just do not know how to communicate with them, which may have helped propagate the stereotype. 

Statistics you should know about Cambodian women 

Here are some statistics about Cambodian women:

cambodian chicks

Do Cambodian Women Make Good Wives?

Cambodians are the best wives for men who want to build a home that will last; here are some of the qualities which make Cambodian girls good wives:

They are traditional 

Cambodian wives are traditional wives who live for their husbands and children. The average Cambodian woman dreams of a life with a competent man who can cater to her needs and lead the family. Once she gets that, she becomes devoted to him and focuses on serving him. 

They are loyal and dependable 

You can always count on your Cambodian wife to have your back, cover for you, and stand beside and behind you till her last days. You are the only person that matters in her life, besides the children, after she marries you, so she will remain faithful and loyal. 

They are exceptional homemakers 

The Cambodian woman is a good homemaker and will care for her home. So if you marry her, you will get that benefit. In addition, your friends and family who visit will be hosted to great meals, she will make your house a home, and you will never have to return to a place that does not feel warm and welcoming. 

Where To Meet Cambodian Women In Cambodia 

Before we start, it would be essential to let you know that Cambodia is not the top vacation destination for many people for many reasons. However, if you insist on taking the trip to meet Cambodian women, here are a few cities you must visit and a few spots that we recommend you stop by to meet Cambodian girls. 

Here are some of these cities and spots:


Where else can you find hot Cambodian women save for restaurants where they will most likely work? Cambodian ladies are very hardworking and active in the country’s labor force. You can find them in restaurants in these three cities:

Phnom Penh 

Restaurants in Phnom Penh include: 

  • Fortune Palace
  • 306 Wagyu Steakhouse 
  •  Romdeng 


Restaurants in Battambang include:

  • Nary Kitchen 
  • Coconut LyLy Restaurant
  • Khmer Delight Restaurant

Siem reap 

Restaurants in Siem reap include:

  • Blue Pumpkin
  • Miss Wong
  • Embassy


Women in Cambodia are traditional, so you will often find them in the market getting things for the home. Here are some of the markets in the big cities of Cambodia 

Phnom Penh 

Markets in Phnom Penh include: 

  • Phnom Penh Night Market 
  • Jet’s Container Night Market 
  • Phsar Chas


Markets in Battambang include: 

  • Battambang central market 
  • Phsar Nath market 
  • Heng Chhay Ly Mart

Siem Reap 

Markets in Siem Reap include: 

  • ANM Khmer Market 
  • Siem Reap Art Center
  • Artisans d’Angko


Beaches are fun, and you can find hot Cambodian women scattered all over beaches, getting the sun on their skins and enjoying the scenery. Here are some of the most lovely beaches in the biggest cities in Cambodia:

Phnom Penh 

Here are some of the beaches in Phnom Penh: 

  • Kep beach 
  • Beaches in Otres 
  • Serendipity Beach


Here are three fantastic beaches in Battambang:

  • West Baray 
  • Sokha Beach
  • Independence Beach
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Where To Meet Cambodian Women Online

Cambodia is not the best place to visit if you want to meet Cambodian women. Considering the language barrier and the stress of preparation, the ROI for that travel investment is not worth it. Your best bet at finding the Cambodian woman of your dreams is the internet. 

Now the internet has so many of these platforms where you can find the women you want, but you want to be able to trust the forum you are using. Cambodian mail-order brides’ platforms offer security, premium service, and a variety of women you can choose from. When you sign up for the premium package, you get many benefits, including the ability to send them gifts to make wooing them easier. So if you want the best alternative to meeting Cambodian girls in their country, check out Cambodian mail-order brides’ websites.

How To Impress A Cambodian Girl?

Impressing a Cambodian girl is relatively easy, especially if you have these three tips. 

Be Respectful 

Cambodian women like it when foreign men are respectful towards them because this is not something they often get in Cambodia. Your winning point as a foreign man trying to get a Cambodian lady is that you are better than the men they are used to. 

Be funny 

Cambodian girls like to laugh at jokes, especially the silliest ones. If you are uptight and have no sense of humor, or know how to make a joke, then Cambodian girls may not look your way. In this regard, women in Cambodia are like every other woman; they like funny men. 

Look good

Cambodian ladies like it when the man talking to them looks like he walked out of a magazine. Your dress sets you apart, especially in a city with many tourists. You do not have to wear a three-piece suit; something casual but elegant will do. 

Dating A Cambodian Girl: 3 tips

Here are three tips you are going to need when dating a Cambodian woman:

Respect her family 

In Cambodia, the family unit comes first, then the society, so everyone is devoted to their families. Therefore, when dating a Cambodian girl, you must respect her family and never speak of them with disregard or something close. 

Buy her gifts 

When dating Cambodian women, you must up your game by buying thoughtful gifts. The women are picky regarding the price of the gift and would usually prefer more expensive ones, especially if you are a Westerner. These ladies will not take the cheapest present with glee simply because it has some significance to them or your relationship. So if you are frugal in your spending, you may have some issues with Cambodian ladies.

Teach her English 

English-speaking Cambodians make up only 22% of the entire population. Since you are going for a more traditional woman, chances are she cannot speak English, so you will have to teach her. It is a form of bonding for them, as they will teach you some words in Khmer too.

Things To Avoid When Dating A Cambodian Woman

There are certain things that you must avoid when dating Cambodian girls, and here are three of them: 

Throwing money around

Cambodians are poor, yes; however, they like to retain some of their self-respect, and throwing money in their faces shows them that you do not think they are worthy of that respect. You can financially support them, but never make them feel like you can buy them. It’ll achieve the opposite effect of what you intend.

Talking down on her 

Women in Cambodia respect the men in their lives; however, it does not mean they are open to being spoken to in a manner that degrades them. Talk to her with kindness, love, and respect, no matter how angry you are about what she has done. 

Being overly affectionate in public

Cambodian women are conservatives and do not want to be seen as promiscuous, so they do not publicly throw themselves at men or date. However, when you are with them outside, keep your hands to yourself; per adventure, you do not end up marrying a Cambodian woman; you do not want her to be seen as damaged goods. 


How to know if a Cambodian girl likes you?

Cambodian women could be better at showing affection because they still have a long way to go in learning how to show it. But, when they stop being so shy, it indicates they are no longer uncomfortable around you and want to be in your space for longer.

So if you are around a Cambodian lady who doesn’t verbally profess her attraction to you, don’t assume it automatically means she doesn’t like you. However, at the same time, don’t blindly believe every Cambodian woman that tells you she loves you. Some are just in it for the money and deception of what they assume foreigners are — gullible and rich. Play the long game, watch for any irregularities in her emotions, and test the depth of her love before buying into it.

Are Cambodian women materialistic?

Cambodian women like physical items that may or may not be sentimental as proof of your love for them. The expensive nature of the gifts you give them may go a long way in determining how much they appreciate them. So, yes, Cambodian ladies are materialistic. 

Are Cambodian women good in bed?

Cambodian women learn about sex from the women before them, not in practice. However, they may be eager to try out some of the things they know in theory while letting you lead the way, so expect your first sex with them to be quite experimental. 

What is the fertility rate in Cambodia?

Cambodia has a declining birth rate, with the current value being 20.400 births per 1000 women. This decline started in 2019, and as of 2022, the country experienced a 2.23% decline rate. 

What are the gender roles in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a patriarchal country where the men take charge of the critical decisions, and the women are left with the caregiving job. The women do not just care for the home and the children; they are also required to care for the community’s old and sick.

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