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Delightful Egyptian Women: Tips to Court and Win Them

💋 Female Population 54,9m
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💍 Average Age of Marriage 25 Y/O
🤰🏼 Average Fertility Rate 2,88
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The Mediterranean and the Red seas, Suez Canal, the river Nile, ancient pyramids, and adoring beach rest are integral to Egypt and incredible Egyptian women. 

These lovely ladies are humble; they do not attract much attention to themselves. Also, they have the tradition of wearing hijabs and hiding their body parts under spacious garments, thus being frequently underestimated by men around the world.

Alongside the progress, Egyptian girls are becoming open, educated, and socialized. They lure foreign singles with their beauty, kindness, and natural wit. We will have you covered with tips to sink into the boundless souls of gorgeous Egyptian women.

What Are Egyptian Women Like?

Intriguing appearance

  • Mystery and charm. Spacious clothes and covered head make the Southern females miraculous; however, men are never disappointed with their charming looks. Egyptian women are lovely and tender. Their bright facial traits, feminine bodies, and appealing characters exude passion and love making men drool.  
  • Sun-touched beauty. Dark long hair, full red lips, and tanned skin of Egyptian girls are adoring and luscious. These marvelous beauties are born with the southern sun. They combine the delightful and enticing charm of Arab women and the dignity of European females. 
  • Lovely groomed look. A contemporary Egyptian girl makes a pleasant impression. Females inhabiting big cities like Cairo and Alexandria prefer western styles in their outfits, wearing elegant clothes. Besides, Egyptian women know Cleopatra’s secrets supporting their beauty and health. That is why they look younger than their age and live long lives.  

Sweet personality

Egyptian women are mainly religious, confessing to Islam or Christianity. This fact influences their nature and behavior making their demeanor very reasonable.      

  • Extraordinarily humble. Most Egyptian girls are obedient, referring to heads of their families, a husband or a dad, as the primary authority. These females are quite submissive, making excellent wives. However, they know how to influence males around them with their charm and wit.   
  • Family-oriented. All Egyptian girls inherit strong values of their kinships. Most local women dedicate their lives to caring for their spouses, children, and elderly family members. Thus, even while receiving a good education and leading a secular lifestyle, Egyptian women do their best to protect and care for their family members.
  • Well-mannered and welcoming. Polite, smiling, and charming Egyptian women greet all guests with open hearts. They can create an atmosphere of amiability and generosity, making even unfamiliar people feel at ease in their company. Any reception will be a success with these lovely females.   
  • Responsible. Everything the Egyptian girl does is intelligent and wise. She only acts after careful deliberation and never allows for any situational decisions. The lives of Egyptian women are planned and steady due to their prudence. This feature also influences their relations with men. Adorable females think over their decisions, making up their minds with cold heads, even in love affairs.   

Egyptian women stereotypes

  1. Egyptian women are ignorant. 

No, on the contrary, all modern Egyptian girls get compulsory education. Many women study in ancient universities of Cairo or Alexandria, receiving degrees in science and becoming good professionals.

  1. Egyptian women do not consume alcohol. 

Partially yes. Islam forbids any alcohol consumption. Thus Egyptian women seldom drink it.

  1. Egyptian women seek money in their relations with men. 

A few decades ago, it was a frequent occasion that parents married their daughters to wealthy men whom daughters did not love. 

However, now things go quite differently. Educated and intelligent Egyptian women look for mutual sympathy and love and not for wealth. 

Statistics you should know about Egyptian women

  • The population of Egypt is distributed unevenly due to the significant territories of deserts. Still, the share of male and female inhabitants is almost the same for urban and rural areas. Egyptian women make 49.4% of the total number of people. Males’ predominance and the country’s patriarchal culture are why Egyptian women meet and marry foreign singles.
  • The average age of marriage for Egyptian women is 21. However, the educated girls in the cities prefer to tie the knot later, at the age of 22. At the same time, rural female inhabitants marry before their 20th.  
  • Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor are the biggest municipalities and the most populated cities in Egypt. Visit excellent resort sites in Sharm El-Sheikh, Taba, and Hurghada. These places accept foreign visitors almost all year round. 
Egyptian chicks

Do Egyptian Women Make Good Wives?

Egyptian women look for a decent man beside them to create a wonderful family with inherited respect for heads of kinship. These women are experienced in providing comfort to their loved ones. 

They obey men 

Egyptian wives are delightful in all aspects. They never disagree with their husbands and are submissive and coy. 

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to be with Egyptian wives, as they know how to treat their spouses, and their approach is always kind and soft, making the marriage tranquil.    

They are clever enough to provide support

Wit, and the life experience of Egyptian girls helps them be close to husbands, kids, relatives, and family. They know how to treat everybody remaining calm, friendly, and welcoming. 

Besides, Egyptian women are intelligent and inventive in solving problems and providing sound advice. 

They are reasonable moms

Egyptian women adore kids. However, they never spoil them. Their attitude to upbringing is pragmatic, trying to teach their offspring correct behavior and respect for others. 

Thus, the children of Egyptian women are usually ready for independent and successful lives.  

They are perfect housekeepers and cooks

Keeping houses tidy comes as a must for Egyptian women. They usually maintain their cozy nest themselves or with the help of maids, in case the family can afford this.

Egyptian wives are perfect cooks and support the healthy menu for their families. Harmful products and bad fats are not on their table. Instead, they use a lot of greenery, fruits, and vegetables. And, of course, they are incredibly skilled in preparing oriental treats and sweets. 

Where to Meet Egyptian Women in Egypt

If you dream about Egyptian women, take advantage of the trip there and enjoy the oldest culture in the world, historical artifacts, masterpieces, and places for relaxation. 


Cairo and its metropolitan area are home to 10 million people. These are the places for numerous universities, cultural objects, business offices, and international organizations. The capital city offers many places to visit and multiple opportunities for dating an Egyptian girl ready to have relations with a foreign guy.

Humble Egyptian women seldom stop and talk to unfamiliar men in the street. However, you have an excellent opportunity to meet a single girl with the help of your mates, colleagues, or friends and invite her for a pleasant excursion to local attractions. 

  • The Nile Delta with an attractive landscape, Cairo Citadel, a medieval fort, a Mosque, and an ancient Al-Muizz Street with museums and parks are perfect for getting closer to the new Egyptian acquaintance. Local universities (Cairo University in Giza, American University of Cairo) with their campuses and places for coffee and chats are suitable for courting an intelligent Egyptian girl studying there. 
  • Culina, ZEN Cafe & Lounge, The View Restaurant, Birdcage restaurant, Nairu Restaurant and Lounge attract with delicious cuisine, nice interior, and privacy. 


Among the Ancient World Wonders in Alexandria, you can find another miracle – Egyptian women. Just come to the second-largest city on the Mediterranean coast, counting its age from 331 BC.

  • Once you arrive, come to the most crowded attractions, the Lighthouse of Alexandria or the Library of Alexandria. One of the girls you have met before may be your lovely guide.
  • Being accompanied by their male relatives, local girls love to attend cute restaurants:  Sahar El-Laialy Restaurant, Panda Lounge Egypt, or hilarious clubs: Falkon Night Club or VIP Disco. Many lovely Egyptian women will make a pleasant night for you here.  


Although numerous tourists make their share in the business life of this city of Egypt, it has a highly developed economy. It places big enterprises and offices with many educated female workers. 

  • However, start your discovery with the ancient Theban Necropolis, the Luxor temple, or authentic street markets to get acquainted with local beauties. 
  • Tutankhamon, Aisha Restaurant Luxor, Freedom, or Nubian House offer Egyptian, oriental, and continental food. Meeting a company of entertaining females and dating Egyptian women is highly possible here. 

Resorts and beach rest

Multiple nice Egyptian women work in the prestigious hotel industry. Moreover, these occupations attract many intelligent girls to serve there. Thus, while attending one of the best Egyptian resorts, your trip may result in a happy marriage. 

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Where to Meet Egyptian Women Online

The Internet is the best place to make the first step with an Egyptian girl, especially if you are interested in women from an Islamic family.

  1. You do not need to head for a risky trip.
  2. Intrusive relatives of your Egyptian woman will not bother you. 
  3. You can chat with several girls simultaneously.
  4. There, you meet Egyptian girls who clearly state their desires. You can also discuss your matrimonial intention with them.
  5. Various communication tools, chat boxes, or video calls are easy to operate; thus, you will stay in contact with your Egyptian lady 24/7.
  6. In case of difficulties, online support will fix everything quickly. 

Opt for a great variety of Internet dating websites, international matchmaking platforms, or mobile mail order brides’ applications with a decent reputation and positive reviews.

How to Impress an Egyptian Girl

  • Egyptian women are difficult to approach. Respecting the traditions of the country where your girl lives is the best way to show your serious intentions. Reveal your sincere interest in ancient Egyptian culture and life, meeting local girls among the visitors of markets, cafes, or museums.
  • Be courteous. Present small but memorable gifts to your Egyptian girl, and invite her to exciting places. Your sheer compliments will give you an additional advantage in her eyes. It is customary to pay for a woman in Egypt.
  • Remember, local females are not supposed to make decisions for the men. Egyptian girls are clever enough to give good advice. However, men are the heads and should bear the primary responsibility in everything.    

How to Date an Egyptian Girl: 5 Tips

Confessing to Islam, Egyptian people have strict religious restrictions. Remember the main rules to comply with local traditions when meeting and dating an Egyptian woman.

  1. You should be very patient with your Egyptian woman. Do not try to touch her during your first dates. Public display of affection is strictly prohibited in this country. Don’t try to rush your first night and sex. Offer an Egyptian woman a close relationship only if you have strong intentions for her.
  2. She will trust you more if you introduce her to your relatives. Egyptian women open their hearts only if they feel confident in future relations. 
  3. Lovely girls of Egypt are proud of their skills in cooking and serving meals. Ask her to prepare her signature dish. You will get a yummy treat and surely will make millions of compliments to your beloved Egyptian woman, which she will surely appreciate. 
  4. Be tender and caring with your adorning Egyptian girl. You will get more scores in her eyes, accompanying her everywhere, seeing her home.
  5. Be attentive to her, listen carefully, and ask questions, sincerely being involved in her life and interest. Incredible Egyptian women are pretty different from all other women; you will have much to discover. 
meet egyptian girls

Things to Avoid When Dating an Egyptian Girl

  • Avoid risky and ambiguous jokes; do not be rude.
  • Do not be greedy when getting out with an Egyptian girl. Try to make her feel like a queen.
  • Frivolity can be the worst quality in the eyes of your Egyptian. She seeks long-term relations with a reliable man. 
  • Do not avoid meeting her relatives. Close family tights are vital for decent Egyptian ladies.   
  • Do not be silent, try to be open when dating an Egyptian woman. Don’t hide anything from your past life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Egyptian women good in bed?

Egyptian women are amazing lovers compared with all women in the world. The modern generation of girls is more open. They get freedom and can devote time to their needs. 

These factors allow you to get maximum pleasure from your relations with an amazing Egyptian lady.  

Are Egyptian women religious? 

Traditionally most Egyptians are Muslims; the rest are Christians. However, both confessions mean keeping to specific rules and rituals. Egyptian women try to live under Quran or Bible principles. Thus, they frequently attend mosques or churches and pray regularly, blessing God. 

Although they are somewhat religious, it doesn’t prevent them from leading the modern way of life and enjoying the benefits of progress.

What are the gender roles in Egypt?

Egypt is still a patriarchal country despite modern women getting a good education and enrolling in various professions. Egyptian women try to choose traditionally female occupations, cooks, maids, or medical staff. 

Men, in their turn, are expected to dominate, make decisions, and take care of women. The oldest male in the family is considered the head: a husband, son, or brother. They should protect Egyptian women until their marriage. 

What is the fertility rate in Egypt?

Traditional Egyptian families are big, having more than three kids per family. The kinships reached seven persons in the last century, including five children.

However, the number of desired offspring recently decreased but remains high compared with western families. The statistics say that Egyptian women will give birth to, on average, 2.9 kids in 2022.

Is it easy for an Egyptian woman to separate from her parents after marriage?

Although international marriages do not occur with Egyptian girls frequently, they have grown in number in recent years. The country has become more and more liberal, and Egyptian women can decide for themselves about their future husbands and follow their hearts. 

Being confident in the feeling of her partner, an Egyptian girl eagerly relocates to her beloved from her parents’ house.

What should I get my Egyptian woman as a gift?

Presenting a gift to an Egyptian woman to whom you already have tender feelings is not easy. A few things on the list will make these females happy.

Baby clothes

Egyptian women think about children as soon as they are engaged. The kid is an essential aim of these families. Thus, a slight hint about your common offspring will be pleasant for an Egyptian girl.

Cooking classes

Although Egyptian girls love cooking and are skilled in baking, they eagerly learn to prepare meals of different cuisines.

If they do not know the menu of the western people, give her a chance to understand it, and she will surely make you amazed with a mouth-watering dish.  

A Treadmill

Maintaining a fit figure after marriage is vital for an Egyptian woman, especially if her husband considers a slim constitution attractive. Thus, present your future Egyptian wife with everything to help her stay in good shape, including a treadmill.  

How to know if an Egyptian girl likes you?

As a western man with serious intentions to marry an Egyptian girl, you will have many advantages. These lovely women seek relations with European or American males, thinking they are reliable and generous.

The Egyptian woman beside you will gladly respond to your jokes and support the conversation if pleased. She will gladly accept your prudent courtship making you feel happy.

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