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Iranian Women: How To Approach Them For Dating And Marriage

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There are two beautiful things about Iran: the gorgeous picturesque landscapes scattered all over the country and the Iranian women. People rarely go to Iran for vacations because the political landscape is volatile, and unless you are a CNN reporter, a visit isn’t worth the risk. 

However, Iranian women have made foreign men consider braving these conditions and traveling to the country for an Iranian wife. If you are one of these men, this piece will tell you all you need to know about Iranian women and how to start a safe life with them.

What Are Iranian Women Like?

Iranian women have specific traits that make them enticing to the men chasing after them. We will look at those things in different sections to give you a more extensive idea of these women. 


Women in Iran are a sight to behold; when you meet them, you are amazed at first glance. There are a few reasons why their appearance will affect you, and here are some of these reasons. 

Their hair is lush 

Women in Iran have either black or brown hair, and there are some rare occurrences where you can find an Iranian woman with red hair. Iranian women mainly cover their hair and only open it in the presence of other women, their brothers, or their husbands. It’s a religious doctrine.

If you are ever privileged to see the hair of an Iranian girl, you will understand why it was first on our list. They have long, beautiful, wavy hair. This feature is so prominent that it also attracted the envy and admiration of women from every continent.

Their eyes are soul-searching

For many Iranian women, the only parts of their bodies you can see are their eyes. Their religious clothing hides everything else. But, boy, those eyes are worth the peek!

An Iranian woman’s eyes could be brown, green, or blue. Their eyes are bold and take a beautiful, almost almond-shaped design. Their eyes are piercing and spell-binding and deserve an entire article about how they make these ladies irresistible.

They have glistening skins 

Iranian women have beautiful shiny, light olive skin. Many are light-skinned but not as fair as Caucasians. Those Iranian girls who are darker still have smooth, shiny olive skin. On the rare occasion when you see their skins, they bounce light from the sun like a golden photo reflector. 

They have unique large noses 

Photographers have a field day taking pictures of Iranian women because every angle is a hit because of their noses. Iranian ladies do not have small noses, but they have straight ones that fit on their faces like the perfect puzzle piece. Every feature on their face fits perfectly. 


Iranian women have distinct personalities that make them alluring/endearing to the men who want them, and here are some of these attributes: 


Women in Iran are passionate about politics, human rights, and love, especially love. You see, women of Iran do not exactly have a right to choose anything, even the men they marry. So when they fall in love with someone who wants them back, their passionate nature pushes through like a fiery-tailed fox escaping a forest in the summer.


Women in Iran are strong, and this is not by design. Women are naturally inclined towards a peaceful, easy life because natural aspects of their lives require enormous strength, so they try to have it easy in other parts. Iranian girls must be strong because the system begins to fight against them from the day they are born, so they learn to fight against anything and everything. 


Iranian women want to learn something new every day. They believe their knowledge will one day save them from the daily oppression they have to deal with. So, they read, ask questions, and try to gather as much knowledge as possible. As you are a foreigner, they will ask you many questions when they meet you, so be prepared to oblige them. 


Iranian men have used the Iranian women’s dependency on them over time as a tool for abuse. Iranian women decided to become more independent to take away that power from them. For many, independence meant getting away from the country to chase a career in a place that treated women better. 

Iranian women stereotypes 

Women in Iran have had to deal with stereotypes that have defined them for a very long time, and here are some of these stereotypes:

Iranian women are unnecessarily aggressive

Iranian women seem confrontational when you meet them, but this is because they have been at the receiving end of so much violence that they approach every situation with the nail and hammer approach. Traits like being confrontational come easy when you live in a society where your life is decided by small things like being caught speaking in public with a man who isn’t your husband. 

Iranian women are difficult to please 

People (men) opine that women of Iran are difficult to please, and they could not be more wrong. The easiest way to get an Iranian woman to like you is to be a decent, polite, respectable human being who treats other humans with respect and kindness. If that sounds difficult, then Iranian women are not the problem. 

Iranian women are illiterate 

Women in Iran are not literate, and they are also brilliant. They will run circles around you with their intellect if you are not careful. Some expect to meet illiterate women hidden behind hijabs and in awe of white men in Iran when they go there; however, everyone who has gone there so far has been disappointed. 

Iranian women statistics 

  • The women in Iran are lesser than the men, who comprise only 49.5% of the entire population
  • Educated Iranian women are 85.5%. 
  • The men in Iran earn 41% more than the women in Iran for the same workload, level, and expertise in the same industry. 
  • The Iranian parliament has only 5.6% of women, which keeps decreasing. 

What makes them different from other Middle Eastern women

Women of Iran are different from other women in the middle eastern for many reasons, and here are some of these reasons:

They are often more liberal than the rest 

The liberality practiced by Iranian women is one that they forcefully got. If you say they fought for their right to be liberal and keep this lifestyle as in the rebellion, you will be correct. Even though the country keeps clamping down on them for this, they have maintained it so far. 

They are more open to being friends with strangers 

When women from the Middle East meet foreigners, they are shy towards them and, in some cases, dismissive of them because of the harmful white-savior trope. However, because of the persistence of exposure from the women in Iran and their curious nature, they have met more foreign men than most and are more friendly towards them. They do not mind becoming friends and even starting romantic relationships with foreign men. 

They are more politically-inclined 

Women in the middle-east face oppression and subjugation often, but only a few fight this, and among those, a few are Iranian women. The internet watched as women in Iran shut down the entire country to protest the death of Mahsa Amini. These women will fight for their human and political rights if it is the last thing they do. Iranian women also carry this into their relationships, and the slightest support for women’s subjugation is a red flag for them.

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Do Iranian Women Make Good Wives?

Iranian women are the choice wives for many foreign men for some reasons, and here are a few of these reasons:

Iranian wives are cultural

Despite their liberality and fight for equal treatment, Iranian wives do not despise the place of culture in their relations with their husbands. They understand, and they work with the roles that they have been assigned in the home. 

Iranian wives are family-oriented 

In Iran, family is everything, and women do not take family ties for granted. When they marry you, you become their family, too, so they will do anything for you, even to the detriment of their well-being. Some people see this as self-sacrifice, but for them, it is love, and they do not have any issues showing it. 

Iranian wives love to support their families 

In Iran, women do not leave the entire care of the family to a man because they hate to feel useless, so they will almost always chip in to ensure that the whole family is okay. They may not contribute as much as the man; however, they will bring in just enough to make an impact. 

Iranian wives love to be sexy around their husbands 

Iranian women are often covered up from head to toe, but when they get married, they explore all the sexy outfits in the world for their husbands. These women are curvy, so when they wear these outfits, they aim to drive their husbands crazy and go for the jugular. Your Iranian wife will look like two different personalities in and out of the home, which makes for a more exciting marriage. 

Where To Meet Iranian Women In Iran 

Iran is a beautiful place, even though it is not the best place to visit for leisure. However, if you are willing to brave the odds to meet Iranian girls in Iran, there are certain places and cities where you can find them. We recommend the biggest, most populous liberal cities because it will be safer to find women there. You can find women in restaurants, parks, and markets in Iran, and we will list the best ones in the big cities to make your search more streamlined. 


Tehran is the most populous city in Iran, with 12 million people; it also has the most infrastructure, schools, and public places. You can meet Iranian women in Tehran’s restaurants, parks, and markets. If you can’t find something you want in Tehran, there is a big chance that it does not exist anywhere in Iran. 


Here are some of the restaurants in Tehran:

  • Gilaneh restaurant 
  • Fusion restaurant 
  • Shandiz Mashad 


Parks in Tehran include: 

  • Mount Tochal 
  • Laleh park 
  • Mellat park 


Here are some of the markets in Tehran 

  • Ala market 
  • Tanish market 
  • Jonah Bazaar 


Ahvaz is one of the biggest cities in Iran, with over 1.3 million people living there. The city is said to be polluted because of its proximity to the desert. However, this does not stop beautiful Iranian women from settling there. Let us look at the places where you can find women in Ahvaz. 


Here are some of the restaurants in Ahvaz:

  • Fish and chips 
  • Dorehami cafe 
  • Rhino cafe 


Here are some of the parks in Ahvaz:

  • Kocharian park 
  • Wooden park of Ahvaz 
  • 18-acre park 


Here are some of the markets in Ahvaz:

  • Koorosh night market 
  • Kaveh market 
  • Naderi market 


Tabriz is another big city in Iran where you can meet Iranian women. If you are ever in Tabriz, visit the restaurants, markets, and parks to find the Iranian woman of your dreams. 


Here are some respectable restaurants in Tabriz:

  • Bali
  • Berkeh
  • Delestan 


Here are some of the cool parks in Tabriz:

  • Ligvan valley 
  • Sahand mountain
  • Yam ski resort 
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Where To Meet Iranian Women Online 

Open dating is not allowed in Iran, so going to Iran to find the woman of your dreams is a plan that is dead on arrival; it won’t work. However, you can meet Iranian women online and get them to your country using the Iranian mail-order bride platforms. 

So many beautiful women are lined up on the Iranian mail-order bride platform that the variety will spoil you for choice. On these platforms, you do not have to do anything other than pay for a premium package and then woo the woman. You can chat with them, send them presents, and plan an entire wedding. It is far safer and cheaper than traveling to Iran.

How To Impress Iranian Women 

Before you start dating an Iranian woman, you must do certain things to impress her before you get on to the dating process. Here are four things you can do to catch her attention:

Look good 

Iranian women spend so much time working on their appearance for many reasons, but most importantly, vanity. You must wear your best clothes if you are planning to approach them and get their attention. They got your attention because they looked their best; they expect you to look your best. However, be careful about how you meet these ladies in public, especially if you are meeting them in Iran.

Be respectful 

If respect is hard, you should not go close to Iranian women. Iranian women spend their lives taking disrespect from Iranian men; they do not want it from you too. If you are going to be disrespectful and egoistical, then there is no need to go near them because they will be rude to you and tell you off.

Brush up on their struggles

When you strike up a conversation with an Iranian woman, you must be sympathetic to their struggles. However, you can only do that if you have read about their situation enough. When you empathize with them, they want you to do it from a place of knowledge, not pity. If they see that you pity them, it means you see them as weak, and they do not like that. 

Be open-minded during conversations 

Iranian girls like to see where your head’s at when they talk to you. They want to know how open-minded you are, so they will ask difficult questions to trap you after conversing with you.

If you are careful, you will pass this test. However, if you are open to new ideas and conversations instead of blocking them out, they will have more problems with you. 

Dating Iranian Girls: 3 Tips 

Dating Iranian girls can be very challenging because of some of their ideologies and their society. Iranian ladies are constantly in between what they consider morals and what society decides they must do. When you are dating them, you must consider these things. Here are some tips that could help you:

Show; don’t tell

When dating an Iranian girl, you do not just need to tell her that you respect her; you must show it too in different ways.

For example, listen to her when she complains about something, listen to her. Fix it when she tells you she is unhappy about something you did. If you are both in an argument, do not try to shut her down and ask for her opinions. 

Buy her flowers

Iranian girls do not like to admit that they like Western romantic practices like flowers and dates, but they do. So when you can send flowers to your Iranian lover with sweet notes written in the most Farsi. It does not have to be perfect; it just has to communicate your feelings. 

Buy gifts for her family 

When dating Iranian women, you must understand that their family knows and asks about you, so you must make your presence known by sending gifts to them. The gifts do not have to be big and expensive. Small, thoughtful items are gifts too, and they need to know that you respect their presence in their daughter’s life. 

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What To Avoid When Dating An Iranian Woman 

Dating Iranian women requires not stepping on some mines around the path to their hearts. It might sound like a lot, but they only demand simple things. Here are three things you must avoid when dating an Iranian woman.


If an Iranian lady wants to pay for half of the drinks when you both go out, let her. Do not let her see it, no matter how hard the gesture hits your masculinity. She needs a sense of independence, no matter how little, and this practice will give her some, do not deprive her of it. 

Forced public display of affection

Unless you want to get your Iranian woman in trouble, keep your hands to yourself and keep your distance when you are outside. No matter how much you want to touch her, do not do it publicly. If possible, limit your conversations to chats and phone calls until you marry her. 

Undermining her 

There is no reason for you to undermine your Iranian lover. Even by mistake, doing so will make her feel you do not respect her, which is a red flag; she might never forgive you. 

Marrying an Iranian woman: 2 customs 

If you plan to marry your Iranian lover, here are a few things about her culture that you must know before you venture.

Baleeh Boron 

A few days before the wedding, the families of the bride and the groom meet, discuss and plan the wedding after giving their consent, and then decide what will be on the prenuptial agreement, also called Merhiyeh. They also set the dates and times for the wedding here. This event is what they call the baleeh boroon.

Honey bowl 

The bride and the groom will sit in front of the sofreh ahd, also known as the commitment table, designed with ornaments and food, with the guests seated around it. Then they dip their fingers in honey and feed it to each other to signify that their marriage will always be sweet. 


How to know if an Iranian girl likes you?

When women in Iran like a man, they want to marry him immediately so they can be with him in more ways than one. Their culture restricts them from being open and loud with their love when unmarried, so they want to marry immediately to do what they want. 

Are Iranian women good in bed?

Some Iranian women are good at sex in theory, from all the reading and studying they have done out of curiosity. Some others are very naive, and you must teach them all you know. Your Iranian wife can come from either of these two categories of women.

What is the birthrate in Iran?

Iran used to have a high birth rate of 6.5 births per woman, but the country hit an economic low, and the rate has been declining since then. Currently, the birth rate in Iran is 2.0 births per woman.

Are Iranian women religious?

Iran is a Muslim country, and though Muslims are divided into factions because of certain unique practices, the majority of the country is Muslim. So you will most definitely marry a Muslim woman. 

Are Iranian women violent?

Women in Iran come across as aggressive because of the passionate causes they attach themselves to. But Iranian women want peace in all aspects of their lives rather than the war they always have to fight.

Are Iranian girls friendly to foreigners? 

Iranian ladies meet foreigners often because they travel often and usually get media attention for doing something politically controversial. They appreciate, and have no issues meeting foreigners and fostering a relationship with them. 

Will an Iranian woman cheat on you?

Your Iranian wife will remain faithful to you for as long as the both of you stay married because her morals will not allow her to do otherwise. She will stay loyal to you for as long as your marriage lasts.

Are Iranian girls promiscuous?

Iranian ladies respect their bodies and do not share it with any random person on the altar of liberality. They understand that bodily autonomy also means that they can say no to advances on grounds of their morals.


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