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Indonesian Women: Check Out These Lovely Asians

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Indonesia is a country in Southern Asia known for its cocoa, coffee, crude oil, palm oil, and even natural gas. The country is a core Muslim society, but even at that, one cannot help but admire its beautiful women.

Indonesian women are stunning and have been in the hearts of many tourists who visit the country. This article covers all you need to know about Indonesian women and why they are one of the most famous women in the world today. 

What Are Indonesian Women Like?

Indonesian women are stunning, so it’s no secret that people from far and wide acknowledge this fact. Here are the juicy details you should know about their appearance and personalities. 


Indonesian Women are loving females with delicate appearances. They include:

  • Indonesian women have entrancing eyes 

The women of Indonesia have lovely brown eyes. Many of these ladies have huge eyes compared to most Asians.

  • They have distinct complexions

The skin of Indonesian women is naturally quite tanned. The country is quite diverse, so it’s not strange that you can find fair to dark brown skin. In Indonesia, some colorism is in play as most darker-looking women go the extra mile to brighten their skin.

  • These women have full lips

Indonesians have somewhat plumper and darker upper lips. They also use lipstick and lip balms to accentuate its color and make it look plumper.

  • Indonesian ladies have beautiful hair

These women have long, thick, and silky black hair. They take good care of their hair, using Indonesian essential oils, argan oil, coconut oil, and other moisturizers and conditioners. 


The personality traits of Indonesian ladies are so distinct that it can be some of their outstanding characteristics. They are:

  • Indonesian women are kind

Indonesian ladies are generally kind and welcoming people who like making new acquaintances. These women are always ready to please and go out of their way to make others comfortable. Some Westerners may find their gregariousness and an insatiable curiosity to be a nuisance.

  • They aren’t individualistic

The average Indonesian girl only travels or participates in activities with companions. She values the sense of community and belonging to the bigger picture. They like to do things in groups and will express sympathy for those who are alone.

  • Indonesian ladies are hospitable 

Indonesian ladies are known for their warm hospitality to visitors from other countries. These women are accommodating amd don’t even mind whether you’re a close pal or a stranger. They would love to have you as a guest and introduce you to their way of life.

  • These women love education 

Indonesian law mandates that all children spend at least nine years in formal education. These women place a premium on being educated. Many well-off Indonesian ladies go to developed countries like the UK and the US to complete their studies.

Indonesian Women Stereotypes

Over time, there have been stereotypes about Indonesian women that have brought them to bad light. Here are some stereotypes about Indonesian women and facts to debunk them.

  • Indonesian women are subject to Islamic extremism

Indonesia is governed according to democratic and humane ideals. Although Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, the country has its secular legal system. It’s also worth noting that the government officially recognizes several faiths outside Islam, including Protestantism, Confucianism, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

  • These women always cover themselves completely 

Indonesian women are usually casually dressed, wearing trousers, shirts, and parties. Although it’s universally agreed that dressing modestly is the best way to go about things, no one will give you a hard time about what you choose to put on your body. The typical Indonesian lady tends to be somewhat traditional.

  • They live in trees

A large portion of the nation is already highly developed, yet there are still several ethnic groups that live traditionally with little or no modern technology. These women have access to modern infrastructure, the internet, malls, clubs, and lots more.

Statistics You Should Know About Indonesian Women

What Makes Them Different from Other Asian Women?

Indonesian Women are different from other Asian women because:

  • These women have impressive cultural displays

Indonesian women can skip second-guessing their next vacation destination. They can always vacation in Lombok, Jakarta, Ubud Monkey Forest, and other places.

You may find many more islands, mountains, beaches, oceans, and tourist attractions around Indonesia.

  • They celebrate different holidays

As a result of Indonesia’s six officially recognized faiths, Indonesian women observe all of their holidays, giving them more national days off than other ladies. Also, celebrating the different holidays brings about much more vacation time, which leads to lower stress levels. 

  • Indonesian women pay attention to foreigners

Unlike women from other Asian countries, Indonesia pays more attention to foreigners. They are always asking questions to know more about foreigners. In the country, you will ban an object of the public spectacle when you visit Indonesia as people will want to communicate with you in English to tell them if they’re getting it wrong or right.

Indonesian chicks

Do Indonesian Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, Indonesian women make excellent wives. Here are the reasons why:

  • Indonesian wives are polite

Women of Indonesia are known for their friendliness, generosity, and politeness. Indonesian wives strive to avoid any circumstance that can make their husbands uneasy. For this reason, you should feel at ease planning a future with your Indonesian wife since she will extend courtesy to your friends and visitors.

  • These women value marriages

As a result of Indonesia’s cultural norms and views on marriage, an Indonesian woman places a high value on family. Most Indonesians adhere to Islam, and marriage has a significant religious role in their culture. These women hold marriage in the highest regard and see you as the ideal person to share their home and lives with.

  • Indonesian wives are always ready and eager to start a family

Some married couples might choose not to start a family right away. But, many Indonesian women believe that a family is complete once children are added to the mix. These women give birth to at least two kids in their lifetimes.

  • Indonesian wives prioritize their families

Indonesian ladies prioritize their families above anything else. An Indonesian woman would give up her career if it meant taking care of her family and you. These women are selfless and often stick to the traditional norms of marriages where women stay home to cater to their families, and men go out to work. They either do part-time jobs or manage small businesses if they decide to work.

Where to meet Indonesian Women in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a tourism hub, so it’s no surprise that there are so many splendid places where you meet an Indonesian woman. The locations include tourist attractions, beaches, and clubs. Keep reading to see the best places you can meet Indonesian ladies.

Tourist Attractions

Some places where you can visit tourist attractions and meet Indonesian women include Jakarta, Java, and Bali.


Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, has some thrilling tourist spots like:

  • Jakarta Old Town
  • Jakarta Cathedral
  • National Monument


In Java, you can visit places like:

  • Borobudur
  • Mt Bromo
  • Kawah Ijen


Bali has everything from natural sceneries to beaches. Check out the tourist attractions and meet Indonesian girls.

  • Jatiluwih
  • Pura Tanah Lot
  • Ubud


Indonesia has some of the best beaches in the world. Check out the beaches in Jimbaran, Kuta, and Lombok.


Check out the lovely beaches in Jimbaran, like

  • Jimbaran Bay
  • Jimbaran Beach
  • Tegal Wangi Beach


In Kuta, you can visit beaches like

  • Kuta beach
  • Strand
  • Pantai Kuta


There are fantastic beaches in Lombok like

  • Selong Belanak Beach
  • Pantai Tanjung Aan
  • Areguling Beach Lombok


“Why clubs?” you may ask. Even though Indonesia contains the largest population of Muslims worldwide, there are no forms of extremism. 


Bali has everything from tourist attractions to beaches to clubs. Check out the following:

  • LXXY Bali
  • Sundays Beach Club
  • Palmilla Bali Beach Club

Special Region of Yogyakarta

In the Special Region of Yogyakarta, you can visit clubs like

  • Liquid Club
  • Boshe VVIP Club
  • Terrace Jogja


Surabaya has excellent and bubbly clubs like

  • Pentagon Club Surabaya
  • Foreplay
  • Shelter Club Surabaya
meet Indonesian women

Where to Meet Indonesian Women Online?

Even though Indonesia is one of the best places to meet Indonesian women, there are better and more affordable options, like Indonesian mail-order bride services. To the average person, Indonesian mail-order bride service is the most sensible option for meeting potential partners.

On the platform, you can meet like-minded people and communicate online before meeting in person. It paves the way for lasting friendships and partnerships, and distance cannot be a barrier.

Since you already know one another online, she’ll open up to you more quickly when you meet in person. When looking for a life partner, you can always trust the services of Indonesian mail-order bride websites.

How to Impress an Indonesian Girl

Indonesian girls are some of the best in the world but are also quite sensitive. To catch their attention, you should be able to impress them, so they will be willing to date you. Here are some valuable tips on how to impress an Indonesian girl.

  • Engage in open-ended conversations

Always be yourself when talking with your Indonesian girl and get to know her. That way, you learn about her personality, interests, and preferences.

Engage in open-ended conversations through small chats and specific interests. Don’t overthink it when conversing with your Indonesian girl; she may feel you’re trying too hard.

  • Always have a positive attitude and crack a few jokes

Make an effort to inject some lighthearted banter into your conversations with an Indonesian woman. It sends a strong psychological signal that you have the potential to make her happy. It’s no surprise that humorous individuals are so well-liked. So, talk with her and make jokes, and be satisfied.

  • Learn about their passions and pursue them together

People seek intimacy as a foundation for new connections. When impressing an Indonesian girl, move toward a more personal relationship. Use your time with the Indonesian lady to learn about their perspectives, feelings, hobbies, and interests. This act motivates you to engage in more activities with her since the more you interact with them, the more you will become in your company.

How to Date an Indonesian Girl: 4 Tips

When dating Indonesian girls, you need to be careful about how you interact with them else the relationship will get to a bottleneck. As it stands, Indonesian girls are a prize, and it will be underwhelming if you break her heart. So, here are four tips on how to date an Indonesian girl:

  • Use kind language with her

Don’t treat your Indonesian girlfriend any differently than you would a good friend. A healthy relationship is predicated on mutual respect at all times, whether you are laughing together or having arguments. Pleasantly talk to your girl, and always be on your best behavior. It’s essential to respect and speak sweetly to her. You should avoid swearing around your girlfriend just to be safe.

  • Recognize and respect the subtle hints

Understanding a person’s genuine emotions beyond what they can communicate vocally requires paying close attention to their body language. Pay attention to your Indonesian girlfriend’s nonverbal signs to understand her feelings. Your girlfriend’s body language is a good indicator of whether or not she is enjoying herself.

  • See her as an equal

Your Indonesian girlfriend should take as much joy in her individuality as you do in yours. You should be pleased to know that she’s capable of independent thinking and has ambitions. Let her decide how much to share with you, and never look down on her.

  • Tolerate her varying views

People are bound to have political views, artistic preferences, and leisure pursuits. You should care about your Indonesian girl’s opinions and preferences regardless of whether or not they align with yours. Remember that you’re not the last say on anything, no matter how much you’d want to think otherwise.

All you have to do is remember that the world would be boring without your unique flavor added. If you always saw eye to eye with your Indonesian girl, that would become tiresome fast.

meet Indonesian girls

Things to Avoid When Dating an Indonesian Girl

While dating Indonesian women, there are things you should know to improve the chances of a long and fruitful relationship. They are:

  • Don’t use your left hand to give her things

Traditionally used for “bathroom tasks” in Indonesian culture, the left hand is looked down upon as dirty. When dating an Indonesian woman, please don’t use your left hand to give her a gift. Before giving her an item, it’s preferable to swap whatever you’re holding in your left hand over to your right.

  • Don’t get upset when her family members enter your personal space

Indonesian girls don’t value their personal space or privacy, as the concept of “privacy” does not exist in the country. When in Indonesia, expect to be the subject of nosy inquiries from strangers eager to learn more about you. Don’t get upset, as they are genuinely curious.

Marrying an Indonesian Woman: 3 Wedding Customs You Should Know

Indonesian wedding customs are fun and exciting to attend. It can get overwhelming sometimes, so it’s a good idea to know all about the wedding traditions to get a feel for the local customs. Here is all you should know about marrying an Indonesian woman:

  • Siraman custom

The Siraman is a water and flower shower ritual that kicks off a three-day festivity. This ritual is meant to commemorate the last time the couples are washed and bathed by their parents.

After the Siraman, the bride spends the night in a chamber with female relatives, often including those from the groom’s side, dressed in princess garb. Meanwhile, the groom will wait patiently outside her house to demonstrate his commitment to becoming a kind and understanding spouse.

  • Civil ceremony and reception

The civil ceremony and reception are held on day two, with everyone invited to attend. The couple will sign the marriage paperwork in front of a religious authority if that’s the couple’s preference.

Following the legal formalities, the pair engages in a series of rites, one of which involves throwing betel nut leaves at one another to drive away evil spirits. At last, they go to their elders and parents for blessings.

  • The Reception

The newlyweds should then have their first meal as a married couple at the reception that follows the ceremony. After the meal and drinks, guests are free to go.

It’s common practice for guests to come to the reception some minutes early. Guests then take turns greeting the newlyweds while they dine. During the socializing, many families would put on a traditional show to entertain the guests.


How to know if an Indonesian Girl Likes You?

It’s been said that Indonesian women are reluctant to approach males independently for fear of appearing overly assertive. They are unwilling to share their thoughts for fear of appearing arrogant. They sometimes seem oblivious, feminine, and needy to make guys feel better about themselves. These women are calm and collected and always wait for the men to make the first move. If she likes you, she creates subtle hints like brushing her hand against yours occasionally. Also, she can ensure you’re never in need as they will help with grocery shopping and other handy jobs around your home.

Are Indonesian women good in bed?

Yes, Indonesian women are good in bed. They are good in bed but do not engage in such conversations while dating. One thing is that they hardly engage in casual sex as its frequency is lower than in Western countries. Having sexual relations before being married is frowned upon, although I believe it is more prevalent among the younger generation of Indonesian society.

What are the gender roles in Indonesia?

Gender norms have been in place for a long time and are enforced by both official and informal institutions. These standards in Indonesia often significantly restrict women’s ability to exercise their rights and take advantage of opportunities in many areas, including but not limited to higher education, better health, and better economic standing. The role of a man is to supposedly settle down, work, and fend for his family.

Are Indonesian women religious?

Indonesian women are religious, but they’re not extreme in their views. They respect all religions and believe in the sanctity of their faith with their maker. These women go to the mosque and other sacred sites but would never force their opinions on yours. They are religiously tolerant and never stress their partner to convert to their faith.

Are Indonesian girls friendly to foreigners?

The women of Indonesia are often regarded as kind and curious. They are so friendly that you can sometimes get overwhelmed by their kind gestures. You should expect to be hailed and questioned often if you happen to be a foreigner passing through a region that doesn’t regularly get visitors from other countries.

What is the fertility rate in Indonesia?

The current fertility rate for Indonesia in 2023 is 2.220 births per woman. After marriage, these women believe in birthing kids to complete their family mix. They are contented with having kids running around and keeping them company.

Do Indonesian girls date foreigners because of money?

Many relationships between females and immigrants are genuine, contrary to popular belief. They marry for love and the promise of a better life. Some of them have even settled down to raise a family with their foreign spouses, who may choose to remain in Indonesia or relocate the family to the spouse’s home country.

Are many Indonesian girls sex workers?

Prostitutes are easy to get by in Indonesia and many other nations. Since this is how they make a living, it stands to reason that they’ll be open to interacting with guys from all over the world. Indonesian girls are hard workers and get money through honest living.

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