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Finding Vietnamese Women: A Journey of Love and Happiness

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Vietnam is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning coastline, rich culture, delicious cuisine, and welcoming locals. But with the recent influx of foreigners from all parts of the globe, it’s clear something else is attracting them apart from the ones listed above. Recent discussions have traced the reason for these visits to the country’s beautiful ladies.

But how come Vietnamese women stand out amidst all its rich history and culture? Follow this article on the journey to see how much joy and happiness Vietnamese girls can bring to your life.

What Are Vietnamese Women Like?

Vietnamese women, like other Asian women, have appealing features peculiar to the continent, as their grace and mannerisms are unmatched. Here are notable features of their appearances and personalities.


The physical features of women in Vietnam that stand out are:

  • Their skinny body types

One of the most distinguishing features of Vietnamese girls is their slim, model-like physique. Vietnamese ladies are attractive because of their thin figures, as they often look model-perfect. They are particular about proper dieting since they place extreme importance on their appearance and work tirelessly to keep it.

  • Their lush hair

Vietnamese women have beautiful black hair. To accentuate the beauty of their hair, these women wear their hair in various fashions, including short bobs, low ponytails, and twists. Also, they take care of their hair using tea tree oil and coconut oil.

  • Their faces features

Vietnamese women are so adorable as they have tapered jawlines. They also have lovely eyes and wear the warmest smiles. These ladies have wider eyes than some of their Asian counterparts, contributing to their unique beauty. They also have lovely eyes and wear the warmest smiles.


The striking personality traits of Vietnamese women make them distinguishable at all times. These personality traits include:

  • Women in Vietnam are resolute

Many Women in Vietnam are brilliant and perceptive. Thanks to their wealth of knowledge, most are decisive and firm and seldom experience anxiety about anything. The knock-on effect is that they are easily irritated by indecisiveness and will lose interest in conversing with such people.

  • They prefer straightforward communication 

Vietnamese women dislike it when people are sarcastic or speak in riddles. These women believe that if you want to voice an opinion, be direct and transparent with your points. They take sentences literally and may need clarification with your display of metaphors and figures of speech.

  • Vietnamese ladies are kind and helpful

Vietnamese women take the initiative to assist others, whether strangers or friends. They could do the housekeeping without telling you and even help get groceries if they see you’re in need. Having a Vietnamese woman around is a delightful experience as you have a lover, friend, and confidant.

  • They love spending time with loved ones

Vietnamese women see their families and extended families as integral to their lives. They stay in constant contact with their loved ones, and in the event of a disaster, they pool their resources and aid one another. This communal spirit has helped them withstand some of the worst environmental and social adversaries.

Vietnamese Women Stereotypes

Over the years, some stereotypes have been attached to Women in Vietnam. This article section seeks to bring those insinuations to light and hammer on the news. The stereotypes include:

  • Vietnamese women are weak

Vietnamese women are strong, collected, calm, and calculative. Unfortunately, these ladies are always portrayed negatively, weak and emotional, whereas males are shown positively as solid and confident. The detrimental effects of these sexist stereotypes are reinforced by the media and are deeply ingrained in Vietnamese culture.

  • Many Vietnamese women are sex workers

Many movies have spread false and harmful misinformation about Vietnam, including the stereotype that Women in Vietnam work as prostitutes. Vietnamese women are hard workers who are honest in their dealings and loyal in their friendships. The film portrays these fantastic women as naive, ignorant, crafty, backstabbers, selfish, and money-hungry liars.

  • Vietnamese girls hardly stand up for themselves

Vietnamese girls have always been more free-spirited. These women believe in living independent lives and will stop at nothing to achieve just that. The women of Vietnam are freedom fighters and do not tolerate oppression or bullying.

Statistics You Should Know About Vietnamese Women

What Makes Them Different from Other Asian Women?

As with every culture, some distinct attributes are bound to be peculiar to those persons. Here are the traits and characteristics that make Women in Vietnam different from other Asian women:

  • These women are skilled bikers

Almost every adult Vietnamese lady can ride a motorbike. These ladies don’t use vehicles for activities like grocery shopping and picking up the kids from school; they prefer the convenience and maneuverability of motorbikes. This preferred mode of transport differs from what you can find in countries like Japan and Korea.

Vietnamese ladies

Do Vietnamese Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, Vietnamese wives make the best wives. Here are facts to support that bold claim:

  • Vietnamese wives are loyal and committed to relationships

Vietnamese women will go to great lengths to ensure the success of their relationship, whether as friends or lovers. They don’t prioritize casual hookups; instead, they desire long-term, committed partnerships that might lead to marriage. When a Vietnamese woman meets a potential husband, she will put a lot of effort into the relationship.

  • These ladies create genuine frienships with their spouses

To a Vietnamese woman, her husband is her only love. Hence she would never cheat on him. She may have other good friends, but her spouse will always be her closest confidant. With Vietnamese wives, you can be sure there will be no cases of side pieces or best friends with benefits.

  • They are collaborative

Vietnamese wives understand that strong marriages depend on both partners working together. A Vietnamese wife doesn’t ever leave her spouse to deal with a problem on his own. Instead, she pitches what she can and recognizes her husband’s work.

  • Vietnamese wives don’t invade their husbands’ privacies

A Vietnamese spouse recognizes the value of individual privacy. She understands when her spouse requests some “me-time.” These women also know when to be with their husbands and spend quality time together. It’s like a gift of discerning.

  • Vietnamese wives are romantic

Vietnamese women understand the importance of romance in the relationship and work to include it wherever possible. They like to spring surprises on their husbands by doing little things like doing the laundry and even making their favorite meals.

Where to meet Vietnamese Women in Vietnam?

A prominent place to meet Vietnamese girls is their home country– Vietnam. These lovely women are always in their natural elements and are accommodating. The typical places to meet Vietnamese women are libraries, restaurants, and markets. Keep reading to see the cities in these different locations.


Libraries are one of the best places to meet Vietnamese women if you want a reader. You can find libraries in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Lam Dong.

Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, you can meet Vietnamese ladies in libraries like:

  • Beanland Library – RMIT University SGS
  • General Science Library of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Library HCMC Banking University


Visit Hanoi so you can meet Vietnamese ladies in the following libraries:

  • National Library of Vietnam
  • Hoan Kiem District Library
  • Hanoi Library

Lam Dong

Another great city to visit libraries with Vietnamese women is Lam Dong.

  • EVG Community Library @ Gia Bac
  • Library & Information Center – Dalat University


Vietnamese have some fancy restaurants that provide locals and tourists with cuisines sure to seduce their taste buds. Visit Hanoi, Quảng Nam, and Da Nang.


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, so it’s no surprise that it contains the best restaurants in the country. They are:

  • Hoang’s Vietnamese Restaurant & Cooking Class
  • Viet Restaurant Hanoi
  • Home Mộc Restaurant

Quảng Nam

Check out Quảng Nam to meet a Vietnamese woman in:

  • Secret Garden Hoi An
  • Morning Glory Original
  • Madam Kieu Vietnamese Restaurant

Da Nang

In Da Nang, you can dine in fine restaurants like:

  • Burger Bros
  • Đông Lâm Restaurant
  • Nhà hàng hải sản Đà Nẵng – Brilliant Seafood Restaurant


Vietnamese women often frequent the markets to get fresh vegetables and other supplies for their daily activities. Check out the markets in Quảng Nam, Phú Yên, and Da Nang, where you can meet amazing Vietnamese women:

Quảng Nam

In Quảng Nam, you can meet fine Vietnamese women in markets like

  • Tiger Market
  • Vy’s Market Restaurant & Cooking School
  • Market Bar – Market Terrace

Phú Yên

Visit Phú Yên for a better chance of meeting Vietnamese ladies in

  • Phu Lam Market
  • Tuy Hoa Market
  • Chợ Tiên Châu

Da Nang

Check out the following markets in Da Nang:

  • The Marble Mountains
  • WinMart
  • Lotte Mart Đà Nẵng
dating Vietnamese women

Where to Meet Vietnamese Women Online?

To some, meeting Vietnamese women one-on-one is a preferable experience as there’s a presumption that they get to meet these women in their natural environment. But, this option is often expensive since you have to prepare money for flight tickets, hotel accommodations, food, extracurricular activities, transportation, and even tour guides.

So, why not get a more affordable option by going online to use a Vietnamese mail-order bride service?

On the Vietnamese mail-order bride platforms, you can find women who share your interests. Everyone you meet on the sites, including yourself, is straightforward about their intentions. Also, you get to meet many single women interested in foreigners. The common interest will help you save the time you may have spent trying to get a Vietnamese lady interested in dating if you had visited the country.

How to Impress a Vietnamese Girl

Material things do not easily sway Vietnamese girls, so you must be careful about approaching them. They can get uncomfortable and doubt your intentions if you appear too strong. So, here are the ways to impress a Vietnamese girl so that she’s interested in you:

  • Don’t speak in riddles, as you can indirectly offend her

Vietnamese women can misunderstand your statements due to cultural differences. A Vietnamese girl probably won’t take a guy who’s too naive to appreciate her culture seriously. Keep her confidence by avoiding comments or jokes that might be misunderstood or seen as offensive. In particular, you should refrain from making derogatory remarks about Vietnam.

  • Be laid-back

When dating Vietnamese women, enjoy yourself. Always portray the persona of a natural, honest, and respectful person. Appreciate every moment you spend with her, and don’t be flustered.

  • Always give her your attention

Vietnamese women like being the center of attention. Women in Vietnam want men who compliment their appearance. They like being the center of your attention. Some Vietnamese women demand your attention because they are so sensitive to how much you pay attention to them.

How to Date a Vietnamese Girl: 5 Tips

It’s not enough to impress a Vietnamese girl. To share a long-lasting relationship, you must exhibit good traits when dating Vietnamese girls. Here are five tips on how to date a Vietnamese girl.

  • Seek her opinion on delicate matters

Vietnamese women are looking for men who seek their opinion before taking action. This trait shows that you respect and appreciate her perspective. Put the question to her about what she would do if she were in your position, and have constructive arguments with her.

  • Always be yourself

One of the most effective methods of winning a woman’s heart is to let down your guard and be yourself. If you act more naturally, you’ll feel more at ease with your Vietnamese woman and create a better impression.

  • Strive to make your Vietnamese sweetheart feel special

Seek out simple methods to make your Vietnamese lady feel special. Send her messages and tell her something you would never tell anyone else. Tell her what makes you appreciate her so much. Take her on fancy dates and vacations, and prepare meals for her.

  • Laugh at her jokes

Demonstrate genuine enjoyment of your Vietnamese lady’s intelligence and humor. If she texts you something corny, reply with the cry-laugh emoji to her clever messages and say something funny, too. Doing this will show that you’re not a sexist moron who believes women can’t make others laugh.

  • Compliment her

Compliment your Vietnamese sweetheart by singling out her finest qualities and telling her how much you like it. Tell her that she has a beautiful smile. Talk about how her laughter lights up the room and how she is a breath of fresh air.

dating Vietnamese girls

Things to Avoid When Dating a Vietnamese Girl

You should avoid certain things when dating a Vietnamese woman. They are:

  • Don’t call her sexy

Don’t forget that “sexy” is offensive to Vietnamese women. These women prefer it if you refer to them as lovely or attractive rather than sexy since it’s seen as a derogatory term in Vietnam.

  • No PDAs

When dating a Vietnamese girl, avoid overt displays of affection in public, such as kissing or hugging when outdoors. Unlike Western women, most Vietnamese women would feel awkward in this situation. Also, their society is traditional so it would be offensive to the locals and their families.

  • Never talk down on your Vietnamese girl

Every woman will want to be appreciated for her abilities. Almost everyone has a hidden need to be appreciated for what they’re good at, so talking down on her will make her feel sad and unloved.

  • Don’t always be on your phone

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it might be challenging to put down your gadgets. One way to win a Vietnamese lady over is to focus entirely on her and occasionally let go of the outside world.

Marrying a Vietnamese Woman: Vietnamese Wedding Customs You Should Know

Vietnam is a cultural society, so it’s not surprising that there will be some foreign customs you must be aware of. The people of this country make careful preparations regarding their weddings and will always wish the best for the bride and groom. Here are some Vietnamese wedding customs you should know:

  • The ritual of permission (Le dam ago)

In this traditional Vietnamese wedding culture, the two families formally ask for the bride’s hand in marriage. Betel, fruits, and sweet delicacies are typical items in the gift baskets the groom’s family presents to the bride.

  • The Betrothal (Le a hoi)

This custom demands that everyone close to the bride and groom, including their families, attends the wedding. It starts when the families announce the wedding to their friends and family. After, the bridegroom is introduced to her future in-laws.

  • The nuptial rites

According to Vietnamese custom, newlyweds should pay their respects at an ancestral altar and wish for their union’s success. The Buddhist priest or the soothsayer decides on the time and day of the wedding ceremony. If the family is Catholic, though, the Priest will do that. To ensure the bride’s happiness, the bride’s mother selects presents and performs sacrifices on the ancestral altar.


How to know if a Vietnamese girl likes you?

If a Vietnamese girl likes you, she confesses her feelings early on, as no amount of speculation on your part would be deemed appropriate. This pattern is fantastic since it does away with the awkward and stressful rites of courtship that are part and parcel of the conventional dating process. Within a week of getting to know each other, a Vietnamese girl can already tell you that she likes you. These women make things quite simple for the men they want and create no room for doubt. In summary, they are one of the easy-going women in Asia.

Are Vietnamese wives Good in bed?

When trying out different sexual positions, many men feel that Vietnamese women are the best. These women are flexible and can take on even the most challenging sex positions. They tend to be petite and slender, with long legs and delicate hands, yet they are not fragile. Vietnamese women go out of their way to make you happy and sexually satisfied when they’re fond of you.

What are the gender roles in Vietnam?

Women in Vietnam are culturally expected to prioritize their families above other pursuits like work, school, or personal interests. Men are supposedly the providers and protectors of their families. However, there were plenty of instances in which wives had to run the household while their husbands partied. These women have broken away from traditional gender roles and excelled in their career paths.

Are Vietnamese women religious?

In Vietnam, many people adhere to a religion centered on the veneration of female deities. Since agriculture plays a crucial role in Vietnam’s economy, goddesses associated with agriculture are often worshiped. Vietnamese government policy explicitly rejects religious beliefs. Vietnamese Communist Party and State retain influence on religious group organizations despite legislative protections for freedom of religion.

Are Vietnamese Girls friendly to foreigners?

It’s easy to establish friends among girls in Vietnam since they are kind, honest, giving, and genuinely interested in outsiders. It’s common to start a conversation with a total stranger and then be asked to their house shortly after that. They are always looking for attention from visitors from other countries. Many Vietnamese women even marry foreigners. 

What is the fertility rate in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, the fertility rate is at 2.019 births per woman. This statistic means that women can give birth to two or three children if they wish. Vietnamese women are fond of kids, so this comes as no surprise. If you marry a Vietnam woman, you will have “little yous” running about in a short while.

What is it about Vietnamese wives and their kindness?

The unending generosity and care that Vietnamese women exhibit to their male partners make any man weak in the knees. The Vietnamese ladies make their partners feel more loved and valued than any other woman they had dated before or afterward. Their kindness encourages their partners to reciprocate their affections and strengthens their bond as a whole.

How diligent are Vietnamese women?

Females in Vietnam are known for their diligence and perseverance. Vietnam’s working women juggle many roles at home and in the workplace. These women are now doctors, engineers, accountants, and lots more. No matter their job descriptions, they still have tricks to establish a proper work-life balance.

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