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Filipino Women: Everything You Need To Learn About These Jewels of The East

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With more than 7000 islands, the Philippines is number 6 on the list of countries with the most beaches in the world. This country is the perfect vacation spot to grace your Instagram feed. It is also rightfully on the list of countries with the most beautiful women, which will delight most men. If you are interested in Filipino women and want to visit the country or interact with them online, read the rest of this article for the best dating tips.

What Are Filipino Women Like?

Filipino women have certain physical and personality traits which make them attractive to the men who want to marry them. We will be looking at these traits and learning other things about the Women of the Philippines that make them who they are. 


Filipino women are a sight for sore eyes; they look so beautiful that you can stare at them all day and never get tired. Here are some of their physical features. 

Almond shaped eyes 

Filipino girls have eyes shaped like almonds, with big black balls. Their eyes are almost too perfect to describe in words. You need to see some things to understand why there are no words to describe their beauty, and the eyes of women in the Philippines are some of those things. 

Beautifully tan skin 

Filipinos spend more time outside than they do inside, which is not surprising. When you live in a small slice of ocean heaven, you will come out more often than the usual person. As a result, Filipino women have naturally sun-tanned skins, which takes away that Caucasian paleness and gives them something almost close to a golden olive. 

Gorgeous curves 

From Marian Rivera of ‘Marimar’ to Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador of ‘Her Mother’s Daughter’ and many more, you can always point out the curvy nature of Filipino women. The body of these women is enough to make a man think of relocating to the country to bask in the beauty of whatever his sight affords him. 

Long curly hair 

Filipino women have dark, long, curly hair that does not need a curling iron. Their locks are perfect, and when there is wind in the room, it suddenly feels like you stumbled into a Telenovela unawares. 


Filipino women have some of the best personality traits in the world. These attributes have made them endearing to men who want them as wives. Here are some of them: 

They are cheery 

Filipino women are tiny bursts of color and light, sending streaks of happiness wherever they go. When they step into a place, their energy changes the environment to a warm, bright, happy one. Something about them is very optimistic, and you can never stay sad or in a bad mood for a long time around them. 

They are intensely emotional 

Filipino women wear huge hearts on their sleeves, and you can always tell when they are hurt or happy. They feel almost everything to an extreme level; the only time Filipino women do not go to the extreme is when they are angry because anger is not an emotion that can survive in them for long. After all, they are happy people. 

They are shy 

When Filipino ladies meet strangers for the first time, they get a little shy, especially when these men talk to them first. They may not run away from you, but they will keep their head down. Until they get comfortable with you, and when they do, they become very friendly and cheery. 

They are hospitable 

If you ever get lost in the Philippines, rest assured you are safe in the presence of a Filipino woman. They take care of strangers and are not rude to them. Filipino women treat strangers like they are family because they never believe people will randomly have bad intentions toward them. 

Filipino women stereotypes 

Filipino women have had to deal with certain stereotypes for a while. Here are some of these stereotypes. 

Filipino women have no education 

The idea that Filipino women are illiterate or uneducated is a wrong one that came out of nowhere. The media representation of the women from the region has portrayed a somewhat untrue image. Filipino ladies are educated and intelligent. 

Filipino women are docile 

Filipino women are humble, but the one thing they are not is docile. They would give you the respect you deserve and reserve their comments most of the time beneath a loud sigh, but the day they decide to unleash on you, they will read you the riot act, and all you will be able to say is ‘yes, ma’am.’ 

Filipino women are desperate for foreign men 

The rate of mail-order brides in the Philippines has helped fuel this rumor that Filipino women are desperate for foreign men. However, this is untrue; in fact, the reverse is the case. Foreign men want to marry Filipino women because they are their perfect wives. The rate of mail-order brides is increasing because foreign men keep going there hoping to find the ideal woman, and they are often successful.

Statistics on Filipino women

Here are some statistics on women in the Philippines 

What makes them different from other women?

Many southeast Asian women are alike in many ways, but the women of the Philippines stand out in a few ways, and here are these ways:

They are more liberal than most 

Most Southeast Asian women do not have the western influence that Filipino ladies have, so they are more conservative. Filipinos are traditional, but because of their exposure to Westernization, they are more liberal in their approach to certain things like relationships, sex, and dressing. 

They have a better command of English than other Asians

Yet again, their exposure to Westernization has given them more understanding of English. If you meet a Filipino woman, the first thing that might surprise you is that you do not necessarily have to teach her English because she has a good understanding of it and speaks pretty well, albeit with an accent. 

They like westerners 

Many southeast Asians do not like westerners because of how the media portrays the west to them. However, Filipino women have met more westerners than the rest and know that most of what the media is saying is half-truths. As a result, Westerners will get more hospitable treatments in the Philippines than elsewhere in Asia.

Filipino ladies

Do Filipino Women Make Good Wives?

If you had a Filipino wife, you would understand why many western men think they are the best after the invention of peanut butter and jelly. Here are some of the reasons we think they make good wives:

They are honest 

You do not ever need to worry that your Filipino wife lied to you about something. Her word is the gospel; take it as she said it. You want to be able to trust the woman you are married to, and you can only do that when they are honest with you, which is why your best bet at getting a home where all cards are on the table is to marry a Filipino woman. 

They are traditional 

Despite the liberality of Filipino women, they do not forget their values and are still traditional. The average Filipino lady still wants basic things, including getting a husband, having children, and raising a family. This trait is essential because most western men who run to the Philippines to get a wife do it because western women no longer have the values they seek in a woman. 

They are romantic 

Filipino women want love, so they give it abundance when they fall in love with a man. Filipino wives will do anything for their husbands as long as it is in their power. They are a little vicious when they fall in love and will not back down once they are interested in a man. So when you marry her, rest assured that she will smother you in love for the rest of your life together. 

They are independent 

Filipino women do not just sit down and leave the providing for the men. The women try to work and earn money whenever they can. They have skills they can monetize to support the home in their little way because they do not believe a man should always be the sole provider. 

Where To Meet Filipino Women In The Philippines

The Philippines is the postcard’s dream because of all the beautiful sights. It is also the perfect place for anyone who wants a good, beautiful and traditional wife. If you are going to the Philippines to find the woman you will spend the rest of your life with, there are certain places you must stop by to aid your search. You can meet Filipino girls in restaurants, markets, and beaches.


Quezon is the most extensive and most populated city in the Philippines. But do not lose focus, you came into the town of Quezon to meet Filipino women, and you can find them in the following spots: 


Restaurants in Quezon include:

  • Kamayan sa palaisdaan
  • Sadik Resto Bar 
  • Silangang Nayon park and restaurant 


Beaches in Quezon include:

  • Pagbilao
  • Borawan 
  • Anawan


Markets in Quezon include:

  • New Lopez public market 
  • Abuyon public market 
  • Dapitan Arcade 


Cebu is one of the most attractive cities in the Philippines, and if you are such a huge fan of Filipino telenovelas, you must have heard the name of this city more than once. It is a beautiful city with so much artistry to it. Here are the cool spots in Cebu where you can meet Filipino girls. 


Three excellent restaurants in Cebu include: 

  • Lighthouse restaurant 
  • Feria 
  • The pig and palm 


Three beautiful beaches in Cebu include:

  • Moalboal 
  • Tulang diot
  • Bakhaw beach 


Three busy markets in Cebu include: 

  • Taboan public market 
  • Sugbo Mercado 
  • Tinda locale 


Manila is not the biggest city in the Philippines, but it is the most popular city in the country because of its industrialization. If you want Filipino girls who are working and very educated, then you should start with Manila. Here are some spots where you can meet Filipino girls in Manila. 


Here are some of the great restaurants in Manila:

  • Le bar 
  • Eng bee tin
  • Cafe Ilang-Ilang 


Here are three beautiful beaches in Manila:

  • Calatagan 
  • Masasa 
  • Malabrigo point 


Here are three amazing beaches in Manila:

  • Quiapo market 
  • Divisoria market 
  • Legazpi Sunday market 
dating Filipino women

Where To Meet Filipino Women Online 

We said earlier that Filipino women marry foreigners through the mail-order bride service, and it is because that is the easiest way to get married to a Filipino woman. Many hot Filipino women are on Filipino mail-order bride sites looking for marriage. Some women look for love, while others look for a transactional marriage. Depending on your specifics, you can always sign up and pay for the premium package of these mail-order bride sites to get the Filipino woman of your choice. It is easy, fast, and cost-effective.

How To Impress A Filipino Girl 

Dating a Filipino girl is easy, but before you get to the dating part of the conversation, you have to start by impressing her. Here are four ways to impress a Filipino girl: 

Be funny 

Remember, we mentioned earlier that Filipino women are happy people; they also love to laugh, and make them laugh if you want to get them to notice you. You do not necessarily have to be a comedian, but a wit can be funny if you know how to use it well enough.

Smell good 

Do not approach a place where you intend to meet a Filipino girl smelling bad. Many Filipinos are fish farmers, and fish smells awful. So the ladies love good smells because it is a welcome change from what they are used to.

If you want them to like you, you need to smell so good that it catches their attention. Wear good perfume; it does not have to be expensive; it just has to be good. 

Wear clean clothes 

Yes, you are a tourist as much as a man in search of a wife but do not dress like the former on the day you intend to meet a Filipino woman. Wear a nice corporate casual, look responsible, and give her something to think of when she leaves you. When she is talking to her friends about you later, they will ask her if you were well-dressed, and she will answer honestly. 

Look good 

Impression matters when you meet a Filipino woman. If you are in the Philippines and meeting her physically, dress well and get some grooming done before you meet her. If you are using a mail-order bride site to find your Filipino girlfriend, you must upload a good profile photo of yourself. 

How To Date A Filipino Girl: 3 Tips 

Here are a few tips that will help you when dating Filipino women:

Take her on food dates 

Filipino girls don’t joke with their food; they consider it a love language. If you are dating a Filipino girl, be prepared to spend considerable money on food and fine dining. She wants to try out many foods from different cultures. If you aren’t a person who cooks, take her to places where she can eat them. If you are dating her online, order her food from reputable restaurants like the one we listed above. 

Ask about her family  

When you start dating a Filipino woman, you start dating her entire family, not just her. So when the relationship begins, ask about her family often, and try to reach out to them whenever you can. If you want to sweeten the deal, send them gifts occasionally. You want them to believe that you think of them. 

Be respectful 

When dating Filipino girls, remember to be respectful. Be polite, listen to them, and don’t make them feel like they are small. Filipino girls will never disrespect you and expect you to return the favor by being respectful towards them. 

meet Filipino girls

What To Avoid When Dating Filipino Girls

Here are four things you must avoid if you want your relationship with a Filipino girl to last: 

Being Jealous 

Filipino women are honest; if she tells you she loves you, you must believe her. She will be loyal to you and won’t cheat on you as long as you are good to her. She will assume you do not trust her if you keep being jealous. Filipinas cannot thrive in a relationship where there is no trust.

Being dishonest 

When you meet a Filipino woman, you must state what you want from her without trying to lie through, in, or out of situations. A Filipino woman expects you to give her the same courtesy she has shown you throughout your relationship by being honest with her. If she realizes you are deceitful, she will be heartbroken and avoid you. 

Being selfish 

Filipinos are sharers, have large family dinners, and consider everyone who marries into the family a part of the family. When you start acting stingy and selfish around her, she will assume that you are not family-oriented, and Filipino girls cannot marry men who are not family-oriented.

Being touchy 

Filipino ladies are liberal, but you will have to learn the concept of consent, whether or not you want to do so. You are not allowed to touch a Filipino woman unless she allows you to, and she will only do that when she believes you are serious about her and want to marry her. 

Marrying a Filipino girl: 2 Wedding customs 

Before you marry a Filipino girl, here are some customs you must know, so you are not lost on your wedding day.


The Bulungan is a small event that takes place in the house of the bride. It involves the bride and groom’s family discussing how the wedding will go and making allocations on who does what at the wedding.

This event is unique because the attendees whisper the entire conversation. They whisper because they do not want evil spirits to hear about their plans and cause misfortune on the wedding day. The whispering is what they call Bulungan.


Filipinos have a culture of togetherness. Instead of leaving the wedding preparation to event planners, the entire community comes together to help the family get things done. So when you see a bunch of strangers at your bride’s home moving things around and being familiar with you as if they know you, this is happening. 


How to know if a Filipino girl likes you?

Touch is a big deal for Filipino women. Filipino women are naturally friendly, so it might be hard for you to tell if she is naturally warm or if there is something more to the friendliness you are seeing from her. Your first indication of her wanting something more from you is when she decides that she is okay with you touching her. 

Are Filipino women good in bed?

Filipino women have some information about sex because of their liberal nature and exposure to western ideologies. However, you still have to teach them how to please you, and the good thing is that you can trust them to be eager to learn. You are sure to have a good sex life with Filipino girls. 

What are the gender roles in the country?

In the Philippines, the men take the lead in corporate spaces, despite having almost the same educational qualifications as the women. In the homes, the men take charge, with women supporting them and helping to raise the family. Everyone has specific roles, and they stick to them to help the family grow better. 

What is the birthrate in the country? 

Filipinos have a fair birth rate of 2.46 births per woman. In recent times, however, there has been a decline, and no one has been able to figure out why this is happening. The birth rate has decreased by 1% since 2020 and has not gone up. 

Do Filipino women want to swindle foreign men?

At the rate Filipino women are interested in foreign men, people are beginning to think there is an underlying sinister motive. Many are apprehensive, thinking these ladies are only after the men for an opportunity to scam them of valuables online. But that isn’t true. While some bad eggs exist among Filipino ladies, most simply look for love and a better life abroad. Therefore, it is improper to assume Filipinos are only interested in Western men for what they can get from them financially.

Are Filipino women religious?

The Philippines has 80% Catholics, so the chance you will be getting married to a catholic woman is very likely. However, she might change to your religion if you insist, but you must marry her the catholic way.

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