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Chinese Women: A Step-By-Step Process To Dating And Marrying Them

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China has so many things going on that make them one of the least ideal places to visit for leisure. However, their beautiful women have caught the eyes of some foreign men who go there to do business. 

If you are one of these men and want to learn how to meet and woo Chinese women, then you will find this article interesting. Read on to see how you can meet, date, and marry the Chinese woman of your dreams. 

What Are Chinese Women Like?

Women in China are cut from a different material than others worldwide. Different things make them unique, from physical appearance to personality traits. We will look at all these things to help you learn more about them.


They have small facial features 

Chinese women have small noses, ears, lips, and eyes. These features rest on their small oblong faces and keep you attracted to them. Sometimes you will meet some Chinese girls with bolder facial features, which are often mixed but just as beautiful. 

They have long black straight hair

Chinese women have straight black hair that they cut into a fringed bob now and then. Sometimes they cut only the front to create the bangs, then weave the two sides into pigtails. Upper-class women like to pull all their hair back into a tight ponytail, highlighting all their facial features rather strongly. 

Small curves 

Chinese women seem like they do not have curves until they wear tight jeans or take off their clothes. Their curves are sexy and can drive a man crazy by just walking past him when they wear clothes that make these curves visible.

They have no body hair 

Chinese women have little or no body hair, so they do not have to spend time at wax appointments taking out their hair to have clearer skin. If you touch their skin, you will feel only a smooth hairless surface. 


Women’s personality traits in China have endeared foreign men to them, and here are some of these attributes. 

They like to work things out instead of letting issues fester

Sometimes you meet women who back out at the slightest form of disagreement in relationships; Chinese women are not like that. Women in China believe they can work everything through instead of just walking away. 

They like long-term relationships 

Chinese women do not date because they are bored and need excitement. They date because they want it to last long enough for them to get married. So when you both get to the dating part of the equation, you will see her work to keep the relationship moving because she does not want to waste her time. 

They like slow music 

If you are into pop, rock, and other fast-paced songs, prepare to hear slower piano-led songs when you want to start seeing Chinese women. Of course, they can try to listen to your music, but for the time being, they will loudly play their slow-paced songs. 

They are quiet 

Chinese women do not often see the need to talk because there is no need for it. They will allow you to do all the talking and observe you learn about yourself while you chat. When they eventually talk, it is because they have articulated their senses enough to get involved in the argument. 

Chinese women stereotypes 

Here are some of the stereotypes which have followed women in China to this day:

Chinese women are docile 

Chinese women like to watch a situation before getting involved, no matter how small or significant it is and how it affects them. They often decide that it is not worth a reaction, and as a result, people see them as weak and docile when they are simply avoiding needless troubles. 

They are mean 

Chinese women do not romanticize relationships because they see marriage as a means to join empires rather than a love relationship. Since they do not expect romance, they do not bother trying to give it. So when a Chinese lady meets a man, she doesn’t think of romance when they start to talk; she looks at all the possible ways they could be compatible as a couple. A Chinese girl will analyze values, finance, and political ideologies before she thinks about emotions. 

Chinese women are bad at relationships 

Women in China are good at relationships because of how they approach them. People see relationships as an emotional issue, but Chinese ladies don’t; they see relationships as an agreement entered between two people for logical reasons. Therefore, they consciously try to work on it even if they don’t feel like it. 

Statistics on Chinese women

Some of the statistics on Chinese women include: 

  • Women in China make up 48.94% of the population.
  • 61.61% of the women in China work
  • 99.85% of the women in China are educated
  • Women make up 4.5% of the Chinese military, also known as the People’s Liberation Army. 

What makes them different from other Asians?

Women of China look like other Asians to an extent, but certain things keep them apart from these women:

They are open-minded 

Chinese women, unlike Japanese women and other Asian women, understand that ideas and opinions are not set in stone and can often change, making it easy for them to have relationships. Other Asian women are difficult to relate with because they refuse to change their opinions, even in a superior argument. 

They have smaller bosoms 

Among all Asians, Chinese women have the smallest boobs, which is saying something because most Asians have small boobs. Their boobs often need extra padding to look great in outfits, which is why you can see some cleavage sometimes. 

They work to support the family

Most Asian women do not work, as the men are the ones who have to take care of the home while the women have to focus on being homemakers. The reality is different in China. Chinese women have to work as hard as their men to support the family from when they are teenagers and even after they get married. When they stop working, they often do so because their husbands demand it. If he does not mind, they will keep working hard to help the family grow financially. 

They do not prioritize love in relationships

Chinese women believe relationships are purely transactional, so there is no need for love, as it just distracts people from the idea of a working relationship. Asian women like romance and hope to get it from their husbands, but Chinese women do not care.

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Do Chinese women make good wives?

Chinese wives will make your life easy in many ways, which is why they are the best wives anyone can ever get. Here are some of the reasons they are great wives: 

They love to share the burden 

Some women leave their husbands the burden of providing for and protecting their homes. Depending on the dynamic of the family, this is fine. However, Chinese women do not watch their husbands carry the burden of the home alone; they chip in as much as is possible for them and as much as the man will allow. 

They stick with you in hard times 

Your Chinese wife will not leave you when you have a hard time. She will stick to you, offer you support, and seek ways to solve the problem so you can get back on your feet. A Chinese woman will often put the interests of her family before herself. 

They are intelligent 

Men often want intelligent women who can aid them in raising bright children, and Chinese women are some of the most brilliant women in the world. They know something about many things and are open to sharing their knowledge as they are open to learning new things. 

They know how to cook very well

Women in China know how to prepare diverse meals. You often see them eating noodles and rice on TV and other media, but they can make different things. If you marry a Chinese woman, you will be surprised at the variety of foods you come home to eat every night when you have a Chinese wife. 

Where To Meet Chinese Women In China 

China is a country with 1.4 billion people, and there is no doubt that the Chinese woman of your dreams is waiting for you to come and find her. If you are ready to go looking for her, you need to start with some of the biggest cities in China. You can meet Chinese women in bars, restaurants, and markets in the biggest cities in China. And when you are in these cities, you have to go to specific places where you can meet hot Chinese women willing to leave China with you to start a life wherever you take them after marriage. 


Shanghai is the biggest city in China, with over 24 million people. There are excellent bars, restaurants, and crowded markets in the city, all places you can explore to meet Chinese girls. Here are some hot spots where you can meet Chinese women in Shanghai. 


Bars in Shanghai include: 

  • VUE
  • Funkadeli 
  • M1NT


Restaurants in Shanghai include:

  • Din tai fung 
  • M on the Bund 
  • Lost heaven 


Markets in Shanghai include: 

  • Yuyuan old street 
  • Tianshan tea market 
  • Hong qiao international pearl city 


Beijing is one of the most amazing cities in China. Beautiful things happen in Beijing, and you can explore them as soon as you find your Chinese wife in any of these places we are about to mention. 


Three fun bars in Beijing include: 

  • Centro 
  • Mesh 
  • Ala house 


Three excellent restaurants in Beijing include: 

  • Asia Bistro 
  • King’s joy 
  • Cafe-Cha Shangri-La


Three markets in Beijing include:

  • Dongjiao market 
  • Rundeli comprehensive market 
  • Bairong International Flea market 


Shenzhen is another big and fun city in China that you visit if you want to have fun and meet Chinese women while at it. Check out the bars, restaurants, and markets in this beautiful city to meet the Chinese woman you would marry. 


Bars in Shenzhen include: 

  • Xpats 
  • Viva club
  • The peat 


Restaurants in Shenzhen include:

  • Tequila Coyote Cantina
  • The Shenzhen kitchen 
  • Shang palace 


Markets in Shenzhen include: 

  • Shekou market 
  • Yiwu small commodity city market 
  • Seafood street
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Where To Meet Chinese Women Online 

Chinese mail-order brides’ platforms have been around for ages and have been helping men find the foreign women of their dreams from different continents worldwide. Instead of spending so much time and money on a trip to China to find a wife, you can sign up for a Chinese mail-order brides’ site, sign up for the premium package and let them take care of the rest. 

These sites make your profile visible to several women, and you can talk to them simultaneously. This wealth of choice will improve your chances of meeting the ideal person and planning a life with her. If you are worried about gifting your partners, the sites provide an option that allows you to send gifts to your lovers while you woo them. 

How To Impress a Chinese Woman 

Impressing a Chinese woman does not take so much. Do not worry; we have written down four tips to help you impress the Chinese lady you like. 

Do not try too hard

Chinese women are not complicated people; they see things logically and would not give you a listening ear if getting together with you does not make sense according to their metrics. So if you are being theatrical with your romantic proposition, it would seem like you are trying to distract her from the fact that you have no substance, which is not impressive. Be as natural as possible. 

Show interest in the Chinese culture 

In China, the marriage between two people is not just a marriage; it is a union between families, cultures, businesses, and more. If you want a Chinese woman to take you seriously, you show that you are interested in learning about her culture too. Your eagerness to learn will endear her to you and may keep her long enough for you to go from impressing her to dating her. 

Be well-behaved

Comport yourself in public, no matter how hard it is. In China, impressions matter a lot, and people are watching, including the women you want to impress. Women in China do not do well with loud, loquacious men. If you come off as loud and annoying, they will move away from you because the one thing they hate more than a lazy man will bring unnecessary attention to them. 

Be clear with what you want from her 

When you meet a Chinese girl, be direct with her. Do not meander around the point as if you don’t know what you want to say or how you want to say it. She will engage you in a conversation to be sure that you are worth her time, and then the both of you will move from there. 

How To Date A Chinese Woman: 3 tips 

Here are a few tips that can help you when dating Chinese girls:

Talk about how much you love and want kids

When dating a Chinese girl, understand that she is looking at a future with you and that future includes and involves kids. When you talk about it often with her, she will believe that your desires and plans align with hers, and as a result, she will be more invested in a relationship with you.  

Buy her gifts 

Women in China are not materialistic. However, they attach generosity to responsibility. If you buy them gifts, they see it as you showing that you can be responsible for her and her needs in the future, should there be a reason she cannot work and support the home. The gifts do not have to be expensive. You can buy simple things. 

Walk her to her door 

Chinese women expect men to be the protectors of the home, and they judge this by your concern about their safety when you are dating them. After every date, you must take a Chinese woman home, walk her to her door, and then wait for her to go in. It shows that you are capable of protecting her and her family. 

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What To Avoid When Dating A Chinese Woman

There are a few things to avoid when dating Chinese women, and here are three of them:

Political discourse 

The system of government in China may not appeal to many people outside China. Your relationship with your Chinese girlfriend should not be one where you have to argue about communism and how it has ruined the world. She will not agree with you because she does not see a problem with her government. The best approach to political topics is to avoid them, except if you want to argue often. 


Give honest compliments. If you compliment a Chinese woman, do it with class and honesty. Do not flatter her, no matter how funny you thought it was to do so. As we mentioned earlier, she is with you because it makes sense to her; the extra emotional statements will do nothing to make her like you more. 

Wearing your shoes into her home 

When you visit a Chinese woman, she will hand you house shoes at the door and take off your outside shoes. When dating a Chinese woman, you must respect her home by not wearing your shoes, especially when visiting her parents. 

Marrying a Chinese woman: 2 wedding customs 

If you are getting married in Chinese culture, there are certain things that you must know before you get to the ceremony so that it does not catch you unawares. Here are three customs.

The haggling 

The groom has to go to the bride’s family house to see his bride before the wedding. Her friends come out when he gets to the gate and put him through numerous tests. He must pass all the trials and then give them money before they let him see his wife. 

The post-wedding visit 

The bride and groom will visit the bride’s parent’s house three days after the wedding ceremony. They must go with a roasted pig to give to the bride’s parents.

On arrival, they will meet at a small banquet the family prepared in their honor. The bride is no longer a part of this family because she has started her own with the groom, and this visit is some swan song. 


How will you know if a Chinese woman likes you?

When a Chinese woman likes you, she softens up around you, smiles more, lets you take her to dinner, takes her hand, and takes you to her family. She will always want to be around you. If she begins to feel emotional feelings towards you, you will immediately sense a change in the energy between you. 

Are Chinese women good in bed?

Chinese women see sex as something they have to engage in, so they want to enjoy the process, so Chinese girls learn as much about it as they can before getting married. Make no mistakes when you see her at her best in bed; it is more for her than for you.  

What are gender roles in this country?

Regardless of how often people talk about the system in China, Chinese men take the lead, and the women follow. So far, it has worked for them, so they have yet to try to change it. Women may get more access to power in the future, but they do not seem interested right now. 

What is the birthrate in the country?

China currently records an all-time low of 10.9 births per 1000 people, which is still declining. At some point in China, they restricted deliveries, demanding that people have only one kid to solve their population problem. They eventually stopped this law, but it did not change the fact that it had affected the birth rate, possibly forever. 

Are Chinese women materialistic?

Chinese women equate gifts with responsibility, so they expect you to buy them gifts. They, however, do not dictate what these gifts should be or how expensive they could be. No matter the price, it should be constant. 

Do Chinese women want to marry foreign men?

Chinese women are always looking to explore new things and adventures these days. The easiest way to get the change they need is by marrying foreign men. Marrying foreign men is becoming a more mainstream idea in China now.

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